Festival of Frugality #334: Celebrate May Day Edition

International Workers’ Day, This That and The MBA, Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Wall street 2012Let me start off by saying that I am honored to host this week’s edition of the Festival of Frugality. Before doing a little research, I had no idea what May Day was. May Day (also known as International Workers’ Day) is a commemoration of the 1886 Haymarket Massacre in Chicago which was a movement to symbolize working class solidarity. This year Occupy Wall Street plans to demonstrate their own International Workers’ Day movement today. Occupy Wall Street’s message has been to call attention to what they say are abuses of power and wealth of the 1%.

Here is my submission to the festival:

I present to you Your grandfather used to do it why not you… posted here at This That and The MBA.

This week’s editor picks are:

Kurt Fischer presents Income-Based Student Loan Repayment posted at Money Counselor.

Adam presents The Reality of Self-Employment posted at Magical Penny.

Jefferson presents The Big Bag o’ Frozen Chicken posted at See Debt Run.

Tim presents Teaching Kids About Money posted at Faith and Finance.

Jeremy presents Thank You For Irresponsible Credit Card Usage posted at Modest Money.

Listed below are the rest of this week’s great article submissions:

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Glen Craig presents Think Twice Before Borrowing from Your 401k posted at Free From Broke .

Carrie Smith presents 10 Clever Ways to Reduce Energy and Save Money on Utilities posted at ReadyForZero Blog.

Philip Taylor presents 3 Times When You Should Not Be Shopping posted at PT Money Personal Finance.

Jeremiah Brown presents How To Make QUICK MONEY–Part 2– Sell Products Online posted at Finance Yoga.

Bob presents Paying a pastor for a wedding: How much? posted at ChristianPF.

Robert presents Student’s Guide to Hostels posted at The College Investor.

SB presents How to Start with Managing Personal Finance posted at One Cent at a Time.

Echo presents Pros And Cons Of Waiting To Buy A Home posted at Boomer & Echo.

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Investor Junkie presents Milton Friedman – Four Ways to Spend Money posted at Investor Junkie.

Wayne presents 5 Tips to Save Money on Your Grocery Bill posted at Young Family Finance.

A Blinkin presents Why Do Banks Sell Mortgages? posted at Funancials.

Jen presents How Much House Do You Really Need? posted at Master the Art of Saving.

Eddie presents 10 Signs You Need Help With Money posted at Finance Fox.

Jason presents Where to Save Your Retirement Investing Contributions posted at Work Save Live.

Kevin presents It’s All About Creating Income posted at Thousandaire.

MR presents Fixing Your Garage Door Opener By DIY posted at Money Reasons.

Jester presents Saving Money By Doing Small Repairs Yourself posted at The Ultimate Juggle.

Aloysa presents Who I Have Not Become posted at My Broken Coin.

Penny Thots presents 15 Easy, Money-saving Ideas that Will Save You Thousands posted at Penny Thots.

Beating Broke presents The $200 Cable Bill – What’s In Store for Cable and How to Cut the Costs Now posted at Beating Broke.

FMF presents 25 Things to Never Pay Full Price For posted at Free Money Finance.com.

John presents It’s Their Fee Party, and Prepaid Card Issuers Will Charge If They Want To posted at Wallet Blog.

Daisy presents Vancouver Personal Finance posted at Add Vodka.

With that said here are this week’s picks for the Festival of Frugality. I hope you check out other great posts on my site and click on the like button, tweet button, and subscribe to my RSS.

Happy May Day!


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  1. Thanks for hosting, you did a great job putting it together. Thanks for choosing my post. I already linked back to your site.

  2. Thanks much for making Income-Based Student Loan Repayment an editor’s pick! And thanks for hosting.

  3. Nice job hosting this carnival Chris. And thank you for including my post as an editor’s pick.

    1. @ TB – I guess you are the only one that made it down to the bottom of the post. Congrats you win….I will tell you something about me now…I get in phases where I become obsessive about something and have to make something perfect. Lately it has been with my lawn, I am going for the long green grass with perfect lines like a baseball field look. Right now it is nice and lush, I put the preemergent down the other day so hopefully itll be a nice summer and a great green grass year….until I find something else to obsess over…

  4. Thanks for hosting this week!

    1. @ Glen – Thanks for participating.

  5. Thanks for hosting! I’ll keep working hard so I can somebody make the editor’s picks. My ego is only slightly damaged.

    1. @ Jason – next time my man…next time…..haha hope your ego is doing alright…go have one of those delicious looking brownies your wife made.

  6. Christopher, thanks for hosting, and for including my post! You asked us to share something about ourselves…Well, I cannot go to a movie without buying popcorn and Coke.

    1. @ Rich – that is an interesting one. I love the butter they put ontop of it. Even when you try to make it like that at home it never comes as good. I think I am craving popcorn now. Heres an interesting fact for you about me: I started out golfing right handed because I couldn’t find any golf clubs that were left handed when I started playing. I switched to left handed 2 years ago, I would say I have equal skill on both sides of the ball. I can drive further left handed but my short irons and putting are better right handed. Thanks for stopping by!!

    1. @ Jen – No problem! 🙂 enjoy your weekend.

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