Feed the Teens with New Goldfish Puffs + MORE

Feed the Teens with New Goldfish Puffs + MORE

Feed the Teens with New Goldfish Puffs

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Feed the Teens with New Goldfish Puffs
Summer vacation is here and our house is a revolving door of our kids and their friends. Teenagers are a high metabolism, snack destroying breed. Where they mingle, snacks are required, and a lot of them.  After a school year of eating the same after-school snacks, both Tori and Tristan have been recently begging that we try something different…

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Your finances, just like your life, are prone to ups and downs – unless you are really wealthy. No matter how much you save for the rainy day, unforeseen exigencies can suck out the last penny you have with you on any given day. Situation may worsen when there is no one to lend you … Continue Reading »

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Important message for RSS readers

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Hey everyone! This is a quick post just for some of you and will be the last one about this forever, I promise!
Do you read my blog via RSS such as Google Reader? If so, then I’m sure you all know that Google Reader will be shutting down on July 1st. I wanted to let all of you know this so that you can switch over to some other service and not lose access to all of your favorite blogs…

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Saving Money on Entertainment

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Saving Money on EntertainmentSaving Money on Entertainment
Club Thrifty – Stop spending. Start living.If you’re like most families, you’re probably looking for a way to cut expenses while still enjoying yourselves and having a good time.  Unfortunately, entertainment budgets are increasingly getting stretched by the high cost of sporting events, restaurant dinners, movies, and evenings out…

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