Far Reaching, Fast Paying Solution in One Pocket

Far Reaching, Fast Paying Solution in One Pocket

Ewallet service

The world has changed, and to believe that you can get the most out of life without ever needing to perform a financial transaction online is naïve. Never before has it been this simple to access the products, skills and resources of international vendors and suppliers as it is today. The modern buyer literally has the ‘world as their oyster’ when it comes to shopping online!

The only issue with shopping with a wide number of vendors is the fact that your details are exposed. Your sensitive banking information is now spread among many databases, and you need to trust that each of these vendors is focused on keeping you safe. When giants like Facebook can be breached by malicious hackers, then what smaller vendor is truly safe? The more you spread your sensitive information around the web, the more of a threat your money and identity is exposed to.

Safe Online Purchases

Centralisation is the answer to secure online transactions. By making use of an eWallet provider like ecoPayz you shift the risk from your personal information to the limited information and funds you store with the ecoPayz.

You load funds to your eWallet via EFT or even credit card but when you transact online it is not your card or bank account that is exposed, it is this walled off wallet that affords you greater piece of mind. Your liability is limited, and you know they have one job – transact securely online. Unlike those myriads of vendors who are focused on supply chains, product fixes, customer service and more. You top up your wallet via card or bank transfer, and ecoPayz will do the buying for you!

EcoPayz Couldn’t Be Easier or Safer

EcoPayz not only talks the talk of convenience but walks the walk. It’s easy to use and can be downloaded to operate from your favourite mobile device, for ‘on the go’ spending, ensuring less time in front of your computer screen and more time relishing the purchase you are making. This e-wallet ensures instant payment almost anywhere in the world, which means no more waiting for those pesky wire transfers to clear before your goods are shipped; the only thing you will have to wait for is the courier to arrive.

Opening your ecoPayz account is as easy as 1, 2, 3 and within minutes you can load your account via your bank transfer, credit card account, or even via a Bitcoin wallet, as ecoPayz has become ‘crypto-wise’. Don’t worry about the security, as ecoPayz’s 2 step authentication ensures that you, and only you, can spend your hard-earned money online. So good is the level of service and security of your profile, that ecoPayz has been rated higher than any of its closest competitors by ‘TrustPilot’ and has received a nomination from the ‘Payments of the Year Award’ in 2014 as well as ‘FStech Awards’ in 2015.

Super-Fast Banking

EcoPayz continually strives to safeguard their clients on a daily basis, offering a super-fast and efficient way of ‘shrinking the globe’ and placing it firmly in the palm of your hand. One of the later conveniences in doing this, is by way of the pre-paid ecoPayz MasterCard, which is now available at any vendor with the Mastercard sign, globally. There simply is no need for any other third-party banking provider, ever again. Merely use your secure multi-layer encrypted e-wallet to top up your card whenever you like.

One of the largest growing industries in the world right now is that of online casinos. With a large focus on both swift payouts and secure banking methods, ecoPayz has become a popular choice. “Not only is it a well-established banking method, but its vast number of services make it a no-brainer choice,” says Casino.co. Secure, fast, and easy to use means ecoPayz ticks all of the boxes online users require from a third-party banking provider.

Be sure to keep with modern trends and register for an ecoPayz e-wallet in order to streamline your spending and exact safe, fast, and efficient money transfers, with only a few taps of the screen!