Facebook updates Home, adds folders + MORE

Facebook updates Home, adds folders + MORE

With Mobile Support Pending, Facebook Expands Graph Search on Desktop
After six months of testing, Facebook announced that Graph Search will begin rolling out to more members starting today. The tool, which allows you to search for things throughout your social graph, will be available in the next few weeks to everyone who views Facebook in U.S. English.
Introduced in January, Graph Search lets you and your customers use simple phrases to search for people, places, and things that match specific characteristics…

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Facebook updates Home, adds folders

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Facebook updates Home, adds foldersFacebook on Monday announced an update to Home, its platform for Android. Now Home users can categorize their apps into folders.
A Facebook spokesperson commented on the update in an email to Inside Facebook:
An improved launcher is the most requested item Facebook has received since the launch of Home, and the team continues to make updates to Home in order to provide consumers with the best experience…

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Examining Facebook’s hashtags

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Examining Facebook’s hashtagsGreat news! Whether you are a brand page or a personal account, you can now add hashtags to your Facebook status updates and they are both clickable and searchable.
Once upon a time….
Hashtags were born on Twitter in 2007 somehow and gained its badge of honor when the micro blogging has formalized it, so to speak, and made it clickable…

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Foursquare Lets Users Search for Venues in Other CitiesYelp and Foursquare have been becoming increasingly similar over the last year, but each app offers something the other can’t do: With Yelp, users can’t search for all venues near them; they have to choose in advance what they want to do. With Foursquare, they can’t search for businesses in another neighborhood or city…

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15 Of The Most Creative Twitter Handles

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15 Of The Most Creative Twitter Handles
Creating a unique social footprint is as critical these days as maintaining your credit score or keeping your criminal record clean.
A major element of your digital identity is your Twitter handle. And one way some people are setting themselves apart is by creating memorable Twitter usernames.
Here are 15 of my favorite creative Twitter handles…

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Nokia Chat beta available for all Lumia Windows Phone devices from todayFinnish mobile maker Nokia has announced that its Nokia Chat messaging application is now available to download on all Lumia devices, bringing the service to a number of new countries for the first time.
While the service itself had been available for a little while, some countries – Vietnam, Brazil, Italy, Turkey and numerous others – were left out in the cold without access to the multi-platform chat client…

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You may not be using Google+, but your friends probably are.
If they’re not hanging out and posting photos of cute puppies and sunsets, there’s a good chance they are using Google+ to log in to various web sites — and increasingly, they’re also clicking the +1 button to share those sites…

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When was the last time you updated your social media profiles? Are they starting to feel drab or dated? Your social profiles may be in dire need of a refresh! And are you sharing the types of updates tailored to the latest platform designs and suited for today’s social media marketing? With recent changes to major […

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When Facebook Home launched, its launcher was awful. No dock, no folders, no widgets — basically none of the personalization Androiders know and love. Even if they wanted their friends to come first, few were willing to sacrifice their customized home screen. But with last month’s new favorites dock and today’s added ability to drag apps into folders, Home’s biggest cracks are getting patched…

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Preston Smith: Small biz superhero, from one to 94 leads within 90 days on FacebookPreston Smith of Infusionsoft recently shared how he used micro-targeting on Facebook to grow his campaigns from one qualified opportunity in March to 80 in May.
If you’re doing lead generation or are in business-to-business, listen up:

1. Fire, ready, aim
Smith started with a budget of only $600 a week on April 1…

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Facebook expanding Graph Search to all U.S. English users, working on mobile version
Graph Search, what Co-Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg called the third pillar of Facebook, is rolling out to more users. The company announced Monday that the beta version of Graph Search, which allows users to search for things throughout their social graph, will be available within the next few weeks to all users who view Facebook in U…

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How To Use Content To Drive Traffic To Your WebsiteThis is the final installment in a three-part series on how to build your online presence for truly social selling, inspired by research from Jon Ferrara, founder and CEO of social CRM developer Nimble.
Last time, we discussed how to apply the research you conducted in Part I to create unique, sharable content…

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10 Grandparents Who Are Way More Athletic Than YouDon’t let anyone tell you that that getting older means you need to be confined to the sofa, watching infomercials and snacking on prunes all day.
These senior citizens are proof that age ain’t nothing but a number. In fact, these grandmas and grandpas may even be more active than you. Do you play hockey or do insane yoga headstands? Well, they do…

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