Extreme Couponing 101

A friend who was very fond of Pizza had stopped gorging on them from quite a while. This was not because of a increasing waistline but because of the increasing price of her favorite fast food. One cannot blame her. Increasing cost of living, decreasing income has led people to compromise on their choices. Once while going through her daily newspaper she glanced on the coupons provided by her favorite pizza joint. She jumped with delight and realized what an ignorant she has been to miss the earlier coupons. Coupons brought the friend’s smile back and she indulged without any guilt after ages.

If someone has a tight budget, loves bargaining, is always on the lookout for a sale, or discount, then extreme couponing is apt for them. The money that you save using coupons is completely worth taking efforts to search and clip coupons. It is much better than spending money on useless things. The thing to remember is to treat coupons as money. Once you make that change in your mind, you will start realizing the power of coupons.

There are several sources to collect coupons. Newspapers have many coupons printed on them that can be cropped and kept safely. If you need more than one coupon then you can easily buy another newspaper or check with your neighbor. Visiting a library, dentist’s clinic and similar places is not a bad idea. Do a bit of research about the days of the offer and which newspaper offers the best coupons similar to your needs and subscribe for the same.
Many websites on internet offer coupon that can be printed and used to make purchases. Photocopying the coupon will not help but you can always print multiple same coupons using different websites.

Coupons are also available as a part of an offer with various products or many stores have offers. You can grab some of these coupons and combine them later for your next purchase as these coupons have larger shelf lives. Social networking sites are a great source for collecting coupons. Generally joining a company’s fan page will let you avail their special offers and discount coupons which are a great deal. Magazines are great source too for collecting coupons.

Organizing is the key to optimize coupons and get the best deal. The thing to remember is stacking all the coupons in a proper category and using them to buy things as and when you need. Waiting for a sale will help you get a better deal out of your coupons. Organizing will also help you to determine the expiry dates of the coupons so that you know by when you need to use them.

Saving money by using coupons does not make you miser but instead that shows that you are a responsible buyer and value money. You work hard to earn money so you have the right to make the best and productive use of it. Extreme couponing requires a purpose, a proper planning and loads of patience.