Emerging MBA Courses to Look For

The Best Electives for an MBA in Finance

When it comes to a post-graduation course, not many are sure and interested enough to pull it off. Usually, graduates are so much satisfied with their graduation that they no longer want to stretch their student life. But a few have that zeal and insight behind doing a specialisation after the graduation course. This will definitely give an edge to your career.

MBA is one of the most sought after courses preferred by many these days. But amidst so many people to learn about the same specialisation, there has to be something out-of-the-box for your degree. After all you are extending your student life while others may be enjoying their jobs and gifts of the first salary. Coming back to the point, there are emerging MBA specialisations which if enrolled into will get you instant hike professionally and make you love your job.

Here is a list of MBA courses one must look for in the future:

  1. Operations management: with e-commerce firms everywhere, the way they manage their stores and operations could be an opportunity for students doing MBA in this. There will be no stoppage of businesses anytime in any part of the world. Operations will continue to be and if one has slight inclination towards this side, a post graduate degree would be of great help.
  2. Supply chain management: this one has again the background of e-commerce companies. With shops and supermarkets opening up their stores everywhere, a proper management would keep them in business. Else it is not easy to maintain this mammoth stores, supply and delivery business. A degree in this field is sure to speak for itself.
  3. IT: with automation and digital penetration everywhere, it is imperative that firms will need managers who have an understanding of the domain and can manage the business as well. So an IT graduate can very well find this field to be his/her next career move.
  4. Data science management: once again an apt and emerging field of specialisation to look for. The terms of the trade are changing and so is the technology being put to use. So this field is one to give a lot of jobs and with higher pay-scales, and a thriving career. It may not be so much popular now but is surely to get good career prospects in future.
  5. Agri-business: this is a new field to watch out for. with exploding population, people would want to be in the farming business but at the same time manage their productivity, profits and other things. So people from the farming and agriculture background must get a degree in this field. This would help them immensely.

These fields may not be popular right now but will surely project your professional career to new horizons. Keep checking for certified courses by top universities in these domains. And investing in the right, relevant and desired field is the correct recipe for a successful career these days. Because studies suggest that a person changes around 6-7 careers in his/her life, with or without choice. So the one wherein you may be financially dependent on your parents should be the one worth all the effort your parents have put in to secure that degree.

And then once you get yourself a job, you could always have a choice to switch and explore other areas.