Doing what you love for a living

What you love to do might not be what you are actually doing and what you are setting aside for tomorrow, might be exactly what you would love to do all your life. Experts say that if you are able to follow your love of doing things in the right way, money will make a run for you. The bottom line therefore is this: do what you love for a living to make money flow in easier without your feeling the burden of slogging for 8 long hours in a day in the conventional office atmosphere. If you have heard about hobby income, that’s exactly what we are talking about.

Hobby equals to money

Your moneyless love of doing certain things can be easily transformed into a lucrative money making opportunity if you are serious about that. Understanding your own unique talents and identifying your skills can be the first step that you can take towards making hobby income.

There are several kinds of hobbies that can be easily indulged in for making money

Painting and Writing

If you are gifted with an artistic bent of mind and love doing sketches or paintings, you can churn out a good income from it. There is a huge demand for portraits and paintings in the market and you can cater out a service which fits your own schedule and own pace. If your house has got a small room to spare, turn it into your studio and embark on this career. Use art websites to connect with people who are ready to shell out good money for personal sketches, oil paintings and water color representations.

If you love penning down thoughts and ideas, let your creative juices flow and make money as a full-time, part-time or freelance writer in your career. The internet is a golden platform for such opportunities and if you have real flair, nothing can stop you from earning in chunks.

Knitting and sewing

Sewing/knitting is a hobby that many of us nurture and yet we never think of using it commercially. You can turn your sewing machine and your knitting needles into money making tools by taking orders from a select group of clientele for knitted baby clothing, made-to-order dresses and alterations and mending. If you are able to produce quality items, your client base will increase in leaps and bounds.

Pet care

If you are a pet lover, this is one hobby that can set your cash bells jingling. Pet owners are always looking for reliable pet sitters to take care of their pets while they are away on vacations or trips and they pay good money for it.


If you love baking goodies, take it up commercially and start baking birthday cakes, cookies and muffins for clients. If you are really good at it, this can be one of the most rewarding hobbies that make money quick.
These are a few of the most popular hobby income choices and there are more. If you do what you love for a living, work doesn’t really look and feel like work and can be an enjoyable experience that you will be looking forward to everyday.