Coupon Discount service from Google Offers

Companies like Groupon have become a phenomenon in the market place. Google tried to buy the company with a huge sum of money but it rejected the request. So, Google came up with its counterpart – Google offers. These two are now competing in the market. Google offers sends daily discount offers in local restaurants, services etc to those people who sign up for it. You can get a discount for as much as 50% with these offers.

Groupon became famous because of its deal of the day offers on the website. The two year old Chicago Company generates a lot of traffic as they offer deeply discounted services. Google offers pretty much did the same thing. There were a lot of speculations as to why the owner of Groupon turned Google down when they were offering a price of six billion dollars to a company which is almost a new born. The story goes like this: Groupon board members came to the conclusion that a Groupon-Google merger would be under most scrutiny than any other deal Google has done. Moreover, they believed that they were not refusing billions of dollars, but actually, saying yes to immeasurable amounts.

Google then decided to put forth Google Offers which gives a coupon service and discounts from small businesses. This venture is tied with Google Wallet, a service which is used by mobile phone users to pay money via the device. By doing this, the aim is to make the payment method easier and thus have an edge over the other services offering such similar deals. This is an upgrade to Google Coupons.

Google Offers give great discounts and updates about the deals via daily emails to the subscribers. The businesses linked with Google Offers are known to get about 80% of the revenue generated three days after a deal takes place. The rest of the money, Google pays back in 60 days after processing the returns. This venture of Google’s has helped out many small businesses to connect with potential customers. The Google Offers widget provides you with the offers and deals which are near your most recent location. This makes it very convenient for the people to be aware of the discounts and thus increase the profit of those businesses.

Google Offers is a notch higher than Google coupons as it uses the location of the customer and gives the most convenient nearest deals place. Since this includes the idea of location, Google maps are bound to be a part of this endeavor. These offers currently involve hotel discounts, driving lessons, jewelry stores etc. The difference between Google Offers and Groupon is that the former allows single purchase offers while the latter compulsorily requires group purchases.

Google also offers iGoogle gadgets which personalize your Google world. You can use the iGoogle personalized homepage and adorn it with gadgets like RSS feeds, search aids, shortcuts etc. Recently the iGoogle gadget of latitude lets you update your recent location and find out people who are near you.

So, Google indeed makes the internet an exciting place to be in.