Cheap Fixes For the Home

Cheap Fixes For the Home


There’s no getting away from it: home improvements can be expensive, and that’s without accidents and unexpected eventualities. Fixtures and fittings, for example, can easily become worn and appear dated without the right kind of maintenance, while external and interior paintwork can pose another problem if it’s left to its own devices. It’s important for homeowners, tenants, and landlords to remember that sooner is always better when it comes to fixing up a home; rather than waiting for an issue to escalate, it is essential to keep on top of repairs.

Problem areas that homeowners must address

Jobs such as clearing and repairing guttering, external repainting, and inspecting pipework should always be done as the colder weather approaches, rather than waiting for the wind, rain and snow to do their worst. Neglecting the work will escalate bills and make it much more difficult and involved.

Furnishings, curtains, and drapes can also be expensive to maintain if left to gather dirt and dust, and yet their cleanliness can transform an entire home. Anybody looking to refresh their property should think very carefully about the impression their soft furnishings are leaving upon guests, and aim to have carpets professionally cleaned by a company such as Action ChemDry at least once a year. As well as maintaining a clean and fresh appearance for the entire home, a well cared for carpet will last much longer than one that is merely walked over without a thought; wear and tear can be addressed long before irreversible holes appear.

Other problem areas within the home include the kitchen and bathroom, as they can gather all manner of spills, stains, and breakages in the course of a single week. These rooms should be kept as clean and tidy as possible, and there are all manner of useful, and insanely clever storage ideas floating around. From wall-mounted units and floating shelves, to cupboard tidies; investing in such a storage solution is a great, and cheap, easy fix for the home. The saying, “tidy home, tidy mind” has never been more applicable than here. In all cases homeowners should determine their budget before starting and always plan carefully as spontaneous shopping trips often encourage bigger splurges.

Moneysaving tips that will reinvigorate the home

And so to the most impressive, money saving tips and advice to be found anywhere at the moment… The best way to start any home improvement is at the front door, as its appearance enables visitors and guests to get a good idea of the homeowner’s style before they step inside.

It is important for anyone decorating their home to remember that inspiration is all around; it’s in magazines, online, and in retail outlets, and they would do well to take a moment to glance around. Paying interior designers, or spending hours browsing expensive catalogues is all very well, but it means that the costs soon add up, and takes away a little of the imagination.

Low budget? The easiest fixes are those made to existing interiors and items of furniture; homeowners could add new covers, splash on a little paint, or even create a distressed look with sandpaper, whilst rearranging a room’s layout is the easiest, and cheapest way of giving it a whole new look. Second-hand items, pieces from garage sales and antique shops, and family hand-me-downs should not be sneered upon, and natural items, such as driftwood found on a beach will add a magical quality to any interior.

Now, color. Painting or wallpapering an entire room can be tiresome, and expensive, and so feature walls are a fantastic compromise; with a single, bold, color a room is instantly transformed, while postcards and posters rather than wallpaper will ensure that anybody’s home soon reflects their personality. For those who can’t face redecorating, or committing to a single color, turning a room white, and then adding colored accessories is a wonderful way to quickly change an entire theme. Mirrors, meanwhile will add a light, bright, feel and magnify a room, no matter how small and pokey it may actually be, while creative lighting is equally effective.

When it comes to budgeting and balancing finances it can seem as though anything is an unnecessary expense when it comes to redecorating, or refurnishing, a home. With bills to pay, mouths to feed, and emergencies to take into account, homeowners can be left with very little spare cash to do the things they’d actually like to do, such as sorting out tired décor and refreshing interiors. The good news is that conducting home improvements needn’t be expensive at all – it all comes down to how creative they’re prepared to be.