Career Goals: 5 High-Paying Medical Positions to Consider

Joining the medical profession is not only a way to help people and make the world a better place – it’s also a highly lucrative career path.

The healthcare sector is the largest employer in America, with over 16 million people working jobs in healthcare as of last year.

Medical I read morennovations and an aging population has meant the demand for medical positions are set to skyrocket in the future. If you’re looking to enter the industry, here are the top-paying healthcare jobs you should be training for. 


Sonographer Medical Positions 

A medical sonographer uses specialized equipment to provide imaging for patients to help identify problems. They are also responsible for ultrasounds and a variety of procedures aimed at identifying serious internal injuries or conditions.

Basically, their job is to help surgeons make informed decisions. What makes this one of the best medical careers is that you don’t need to spend 15 years in school to get there.

You can read more about the online courses you can take towards becoming a qualified sonographer today. 

Median salary: $68,000

Occupational Therapists 

Occupational therapists, known as OTs, enjoy one of the best healthcare jobs available right now. As an OT, your job is to use a multidisciplinary approach to help rehabilitate disabled, sick, and old people. While similar to the job of a physical therapist, there are many differences between physical therapy vs occupational therapy.

This could involve training somehow how to walk after an accident. It could involve coaching a war veteran through their PTSD. It could involve helping stroke victims recover their cognitive functions. Every day is totally different. 

Median salary: $83,000


Optometrists are not to be confused with opticians. While optician’s measure and monitor eyesight, optometrists are medical experts who fight the root causes of eye problems.

They are well-trained in diagnosing and treating neural diseases and eyeball injuries, as well as administering light surgery.

You will need a minimum of a doctoral degree to begin your optometrist career, but once you get there, you’ll be in one of the most in-demand professions in the country. 

Median salary: $110,000


On the long list of medical careers worth having, this one is the hidden gem. As a pharmacist, you will direct your own pharmacy and administer drugs to those who need them.

They are experts in drug treatments and are able to give counsel and advice to a wide variety of patients.

They will be able to identify health problems and administer immunizations on the spot. It’s a hugely rewarding job in which good people skills are the most important attribute. 

Median salary: $124,000


Becoming a surgeon of any kind is guaranteed to be one of the highest paying medical jobs out there. It is also the most demanding and requires years of education and on-the-job experience.

You could become a brain surgeon, a limb surgeon, a cardiovascular surgeon, a heart surgeon. The list is endless.

However you decide to specialize, just know that the job is one of the most demanding on Earth. However, personal, emotional, and financial rewards should do more than enough to compensate. 

Median salary: $208,000 

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Choosing the right medical positions to pursue is just one way to achieve lifelong financial security. Make sure to look at our resource recommendations page to see what else you should be doing in the meantime.