Buying a New Computer: 5 Simple and Effective Ways to Save Money

Computers are often essential to our everyday lives and work habits. In order to get things done, we need to have a computer that works efficiently and has various features. Once you are ready to buy a new purchase, you expect it to be a large investment. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be as expensive as you’d expect. Here are 5 simple and effective ways that you can save money when buying a new computer.

  1. Buy a refurbished computer. Often companies get returned items or those that fail quality control checks. These computers are then restored and repaired in order to improve their overall performance and standards. They cannot sell these as brand new, so this means you can have a perfectly good computer for anywhere form 5-25% cheaper! You will still receive a warranty for assurance. You will also get evidence of the retail price of the model for security and the knowledge that you really are getting a deal.

  2. Build your own PC. While this is definitely more challenging, if you are tech savvy, you can save a lot of money by building a computer on your own instead of buying from a store. This usually only works for people trying to build a desktop computer. If this is something that interests you, you can save hundreds of dollars by assembling the parts and build a similarly configured computer to those on the retail market.

  3. Purchase a slightly older computer model. Often when new models come out, a company will lower the cost of their previous models significantly, making them much more affordable for consumers. You will still get a brand new, high quality item, but since it is “last season” you can get a steep discount. It may not be the shiniest, newest, most innovative computer on the market, but it still has a majority of the newest features and capabilities.

  4. Use coupons. While you may not realize coupons exist for computers, they do in fact exist! Often manufacturers will have these posted on their site. They do this, knowing that the majority of people will not see the coupon or will forget to use it when checking out. Before submitting payment, always do some research to see if discount codes are available to customers!

  5. Finally, save money on your next computer by buying a model with less memory and then upgrade it. Since memory technology is constantly changing and developing, the prices can fluctuate a great deal. Newest retail memory costs can jack up the price of a computer significantly. Try buying a computer with low RAM and memory. Then, you can buy memory to add on and enhance the computer, and it will likely be cheaper. This price discrepancy happens because often manufacturers have lots of extra memory left over. Since they want to get rid of it, they will sell it to buyers at very low prices. Just remember that for some newer or thin computer models, the memory is fixed and you will not be able to upgrade.

All of these tips can help you to save lots of money when buying a new computer. Whether you want a new PC, laptop, desktop or Mac, be sure to check out PC wholesale, look at refurbished models, consider last season’s older models, use coupons and buy a model with less memory and then upgrade it. All of these options allow you to get a high quality piece of technology for a fraction of the cost.