Budgeting for Big Families Under One Roof + MORE

Budgeting for Big Families Under One Roof + MORE

April Apartment Update

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I returned from a quick trip to Las Vegas to find the April financials for the apartment complex in my email. Things continue to improve!

Occupancy is up to 94% and the property reached a couple new milestones: we had the highest monthly revenue since September 2009 and the highest net operating income since August 2009…

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Meet the Real Estate Tech Entrepreneur: Gino from Cozy.coIn our first “Meet the Real Estate Tech Entrepreneur” interview, we’re talking to Gino Zahnd the co-founder of Cozy.co; a service that just launched making collecting rent online quicker, safer, and easier than it ever has been. Given that I worked in the real estate industry for over 6 years prior to embarking on my Oh Hey World journey, I still keep in touch with many friends and remain plugged into the tech scene, and am always interested in talking to smart entrepreneurs in any vertical – hence the reason Gino and I met at Cozy’s SF office (they also have a Portland office) two weeks ago…

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House #43: Project Diary

– 123flip.com/blog

I’ve decided to create a day-by-day “diary” of The Tear-Down House project…it contains every detail of the project in a day-by-day format, including links to schedules, budgets, pictures, videos, bids, invoices, etc.
In order to get it in front of the widest audience, I’m doing it via a thread on BiggerPockets…

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Ethics In Real Estate Investing | The Game Changer!

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Ethics In Real Estate Investing | The Game Changer!In an ideal world, posts concerning ethics would not be necessary. In such a world, everyone would operate by the Golden Rule, treating everyone else the way they wish to be treated. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen, and people sometimes fail to act ethically. And here’s the thing: Not all people who behave unethically are moustache-twirling villains…

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Budgeting for Big Families Under One RoofOur friends at LearnVest offer sound financial tips and advice for every aspect of life. Check out how four big families, with not-so-big budgets, make ends meet. 
When it’s mom and dad, Billy and Sally (and maybe Rover), budgeting can be fairly straightforward — but not everyone’s home life is quite so nuclear, especially in the current economic climate…

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Is it a Lie to Tell the Tenant I’m Not The Owner?

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Is it a Lie to Tell the Tenant I’m Not The Owner?
Today I want to stir up come controversy – and get your opinion on this matter.
You see, I’ve stated numerous times on both the BiggerPockets Blog and in the Forums that my favorite tip for being a good landlord is not admitting I’m the owner, but instead just being “the property manager…

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5 Things to Know About Open Houses

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5 Things to Know About Open HousesFiled under: Advice, Buying, Selling

By Beth Braverman

Open houses are a great source of information about the property, neighborhood and local markets. Nearly half of real-estate buyers go to one.

1. Look Past Window-Dressing

A full 94 percent of sellers do some “staging,” such as repainting or bringing in new furniture, says Coldwell Banker…

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How Third-Hand Smoke Ruins Your Home
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There’s no disputing that smoking tobacco is dangerous. There’s enough evidence that, by now, most people should know that smoking causes cancer. Still, there are a variety of different ways people can be exposed to the chemicals found in cigarettes that lead to cancer—the most common of which is second-hand smoke…

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