Budget iPhone Is Reportedly Launching This Year + MORE

Facebook tests new rating scales for placesAs Facebook continues to encourage users to rate the places they’ve been, the social network is testing different language for its five-star rating scale.
After a user has checked into a place or been tagged in a post with location, they may see a “Rate These Places” module in the right hand side of Facebook…

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Ethics, Challenges and Inspiration in an Age When All CEOs Tweet
For some executives, social media can still feel like the final frontier. The networks are known to be assets when used properly, but there’s genuine concern about what could happen should tweeting go sour. We’ve shared some examples of CEOs who are doing a great job at tweeting, but it’s understandable that there are still some serious roadblocks to hopping on the Twitter bandwagon…

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Hearsay Social puts focus on ‘social selling’ with new software for sales repsHearsay Social, maker of social media management software, is announcing a new Social Sales Solution to give individual salespeople better tools for monitoring their social networks and publishing relevant content.
The platform will identify top stories from a user’s network across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and send alerts about key people to reach out to in order to build and maintain relationships with prospects and customers…

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Silicon Valley Ridicule Tumblr Takes OffIf public ridicule memes suggest that the sun may soon set on a tech boom, it may be time to sell your stocks.
A Tumblr called Jesus Christ, Silicon Valley, is gaining attention after appearing in late March to offer a scathing critique of the oft-attacked Dave Morin. Morin made the mistake of describing “custom-designed, one-of-a-kind bespoke app” he had built so he and his assistant could, ahem, “collaborate…

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Twitter Settles Suit With TweetAdder, Allowing Tool Once Labeled As Spam Continued AccessYou don’t hear it a lot, but one by-product of Twitter’s new API restrictions is the affect it will have on tools typically regarded as spammers.
They’re either disappearing (for the most part) or following the straight and narrow.
One such tool, that Twitter took to court not too long ago, just announced updates that will put it in compliance with the new and improved Twitter…

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Budget iPhone Is Reportedly Launching This Year

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Budget iPhone Is Reportedly Launching This Year
A new budget version of the iPhone is set to launch this year, according to an ETrade Supply source.
The cell-phone parts supplier has been correct about a number of Apple rumors before, and most recently obtained parts of the iPhone 5 prior to its release.
Beyond the budget handset’s existence, however, ETrade’s sources weren’t able to share any more details…

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Facebook tries new ways to encourage users to buy Gifts for friendsFacebook is testing a new way to encourage users to buy gifts for their friends by including a call to action within the comments section of a post.
SocialFresh CEO Jason Keath shared the example below, blurred for privacy, which says “Surprise Ty with a gift.” This is a different take on the “give a gift” button that some users had been seeing in their News Feed next to posts where their friends had shared good news…

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Facebook expands test of FBX ads in desktop News FeedFacebook today announced that it is opening desktop News Feed inventory to more Facebook Exchange partners.
This will allow businesses to retarget Facebook users who visited their websites with Page Post Link ads in the News Feed, instead of with small ads in the right hand column. News Feed ads typically have much higher clickthrough rates than sidebar ads…

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DraftKings raised $7 million to finance its expansion of daily fantasy sports online games.
The Boston company has cash-prize fantasy game competitions in baseball, football, basketball, and hockey. Atlas Venture led the round, which is a significant amount for a social sports betting company.
Jason Robins, the chief executive of DraftKings, said in an interview with GamesBeat that the company wants to make fantasy sports easier to play and convert the more than 35 million fantasy sports players in the U…

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It wasn’t until widely respected economists Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff shared the Excel files behind their influential paper on the relationship between government debt and economic growth, that a very basic and consequential spreadsheet error was discovered.
Suddenly, a conclusion that policy makers around the world had seized on for years to justify steep spending cuts was thrown in doubt…

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A ‘site issue’ is preventing some users from logging into FacebookYesterday, Twitter experienced issues loading new tweets for nearly one hour and today it appears to be the turn of Facebook, as a number of users are currently unable to log into the social networking site due to an error
TNW staff in North America and Asia are not having issues accessing Facebook, but other users are less fortunate…

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