Abraham Maslow quote + MORE

Abraham Maslow quote + MORE

5 Tips to Make Friends as an Adult (by Acting Like a 5 Year Old)Can you really make new friends as an adult? I mean, there’s plenty advice out there on how to help kids make friends. But if you don’t have friends by the time you’re an adult, it seems the world hands you a dunce cap and shows you to the corner.After all, many adults have all the friends they need or want, right? People get married, have kids and have little time for others outside their family…

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Why would I want wireless charging for my gadgets? Great discussions are par for the course here on Lifehacker. Each day, we highlight a discussion that is particularly helpful or insightful, along with other great discussions and reader questions you may have missed. Check out these discussions and add your own thoughts to make them even more wonderful!Read more…

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5 Ways You Can Be Happy NOW Without Changing a Thing

“I wish that I had let myself be happier.”

This is one of the top five regrets of dying people. We often have this false sense of immortality, that we can take life for granted, put off resolving conflicts with our loved ones, and avoid doing the things we love because we think there’s “still time”…

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Changes You Refuse To Accept

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Changes You Refuse To Accept
Photo by Graeme Law
By Steve Errey
Twice in my life I’ve had unwanted, seismic change forced on me.
The first was when I had a breakdown aged 30; a breakdown that left me without a clue who I was or where I was, and that unravelled my patterns of thought so fundamentally that I was unable to understand the simplest conversations…

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Beat Sleep Disturbances – How to Get a Great Nights SleepIf you’re irritable from lack of sleep, you are not the only one. At least one in four adults in the United States suffers from insomnia. This condition is a sleep disturbance in which a person is unable to go to sleep after being in bed for 20 minutes. Sometimes, people go to sleep without a problem, but wake up and remain awake for hours…

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Abraham Maslow quote

– motivationblog.org

To the man who only has a hammer, everything he encounters begins to look like a nail.

– Abraham Maslow
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Courage is a Choice

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Courage is a Choice
What is preventing you from the relentless pursuit of your most cherished dreams? Is it circumstances? Are you keeping your dreams on hold thinking that as soon as your situation changes you will seize the opportunity and go for it?
If that is what you’ve been telling yourself then you might want to examine your situation a little further…

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How to Say No

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How to Say NoFirst up today, Google Reader will shut down on the 1:st of July.
If you are subscribed via that reader then I would suggest subscribing via another RSS-reader or subscribing to the Positivity Newsletter to keep getting this content in the future too.
Now, on to this week’s topic…
Such a small but powerful word…

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