A List Of Career Limiting Moves To Blow Up Your Future + MORE

A List Of Career Limiting Moves To Blow Up Your Future + MORE

In early 2006, I had a DVD collection that numbered well over 1,000 discs. It featured complete television series, many different film series, a large portion of the Criterion Collection, and many other items.
I also had a video game collection that consisted primarily of Playstation 2 and GameCube games that numbered somewhere around 250 titles…

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Here’s an email I recently received from a reader:

Is paying off low-interest debt always the best choice?I am very fortunate in that I only have one source of debt: a car loan. No student loans, nothing on my credit cards, nada. My interest rate for my car is about 2.8% over 5 years (I’m 1.5 years into it)…

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A List Of Career Limiting Moves To Blow Up Your FutureYou career is probably your number one money maker. If you blow up your career, you will likely blow up your finances. If you blow up your finances, you will become a bitter person who decides to hate other people for their success. If you hate other people for their success, you’ll happily vote to raise taxes on people who already pay the most taxes without having to pay more yourself…

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Sliding Down Waterfalls, Etc.

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Sliding Down Waterfalls, Etc.Normally I would do a Writing Wrap Up on a Friday, but hopefully y’all understand that my BFF Katie is here!!! And we are out having fun!
Evidence below: That’s me sliding down a waterfall holding my friend’s sweet little girl. My BFF Katie, all the way here from Michigan, is hanging out by the bigger waterfall…

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Study: Mobile Shopping Is Kind of AnnoyingThere’s a little good news for businesses worried about online shoppers ditching their brick-and-mortar stores.A new study says consumers think shopping on their phones is a pain. Nearly 90 percent (out of 2,085 adults) interviewed for the Skava Consumer Mobile Shopping Survey say they have had a negative experience shopping by smartphone…

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Getting a Job When You’ve been Unemployed for a Long TimeThere are some disturbing findings in the job market, particularly if you have been unemployed for a long time. A pair of studies have determined that the single worst attribute that a job seeker can have is to have been unemployed for more than six months. No other single factor has as much potential to disqualify you from the jobs you’re applying for…

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Nickel And Dime Millionaires

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Nickel And Dime Millionaires 
2 coworkers attend a meeting that includes a light lunch and beverages.  Co-worker number 1 enjoys a stomach filling lunch and 2 cans of pop.  Co-worker 2 enjoys the same filling lunch and pop and slips several cans of pop in his man-purse to enjoy with a rerun of Lost on NetFlicks later that day…

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