A Big Move in the Wireless Sector? + MORE

Starbucks continues to deliver good execution, but the valuation demands greatness.    

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Should Intel Change Strategies?

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There’s no beating around the bush here: Intel is the most advanced semiconductor manufacturer on the planet. The company believes its leading-edge capacity is its single greatest asset it can leverage against the competition. In the coming years, process nodes and transistors will continue shrinking, and investors are hoping that Intel’s cutting-edge technology will let it gain considerable traction against ARM Holdings designs…

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By SA Editor Miriam Metzinger: Stocks discussed on the Lightning Round segment of Jim Cramer’s Mad Money Program, Thursday April 25. Bullish Calls:
EOG Resources (EOG): “… Go to the supermajor-to-be.”
Boeing (BA): “It is not done. The next stop is $100.”
Disney (DIS): “The stock was down today…

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A Big Move in the Wireless Sector?

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Goldman Sachs raised their estimate on Japan’s Nikkei index this past week. They are calling for it to hit 16,000. They say stocks there could run another 20% from current levels.
It’s all being driven by the huge currency devaluation being directed by the Bank of Japan.
Kathy Matsui, chief Japan strategist at Goldman, stated in a CNBC interview that this is the most credible effort to date to end the devaluation spiral Japan has been in since the ‘90s…

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Rosco wrote:You make a convincing case including the picture, but it looks tiny. I’m definitely checking the xd springfield, s&W Shield, kahr cw9.Tiny is a good thing when it comes to CCW.A pistol small enough that you can carry it on 90% of occasions (pocket, ankle, iwb, owb), is better than a medium size gun that you can only carry 60% of the time.

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April 26 (Bloomberg) — Jonathan Steinberg, chief executive
officer of WisdomTree Investments Inc., discusses his company’s
growth and first-quarter earnings. Bloomberg Radio’s Catherine
Cowdery reports on Exchange Traded Funds.

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The Next Country To Collapse Isn't In EuropeDespite the recent market correction threatening the four-year bull market, investors should be partying like it's 2006.

Easy-money programs from the world's central banks and a recovering global economy could push stocks and other assets higher. So why is the comparison to 2006 relevant?

September 2006 was two years before the collapse of Lehman Brothers and a 28% drop in the markets in the span of less than a month…

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VIDEO: Sell in May and Go Away?

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You’ve heard the line before: “Sell in May and go away.” But is there actually any credence to it?
Bigger-picture: Not really.
Trading on “seasonality” is just another flavor of market timing. And market timing has a poor track record.
In Barron’s recently, Mark Hulbert asked: “So, How Did the Market Timers Do?” The answer was “badly…

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The ratings agency is concerned about current aluminum prices.    

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