9 Uses for Christmas Lights

9 Uses for Christmas Lights

DIY home projects are tricky to plan. Lighting costs can mount that cut into your budget and make your project more complicated than it has to be. Christmas lights, whether LED lights or incandescent bulbs are ideal substitutes for professional lighting solutions. 

This article discusses nine applications for Christmas lights that you can implement into your home. Use the ideas in this article to budget your lighting intelligently, so you don’t have to sacrifice any other portions of your passion project. 

Bedroom Decorations 

Using Christmas lights for your bedroom decorations is one of their most versatile applications. You can string them above your headboard, hang them on your ceiling, or adorn your bedroom mirror with them. The choice is yours. 

Bedroom decoration

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  1. Light Up Your Headboard

Using Christmas white Christmas lights above your headboard will add to your bedroom’s overall ambiance, as well as warm your bedroom lighting. It’s simple and chic, and it brings a feminine touch to your room regardless of the decor. Using different shapes and colors also gives you the option to modify the mood you’re trying to create. 

curtain lightning

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  1. Curtain Lighting 

Charming and straightforward curtain lights will give you the elegant appearance you’ve been trying to cultivate for your bedroom. They add a dynamic range to your bedroom. You can either place the lights on the curtains themselves or adorn the top of your curtains with them. Regardless of what you choose, curtain lights will help create an inviting experience for your guests. 

Jar decoration

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  1. Mason Jar Decorations 

Mason jars give your space elegant, rustic vibes and help you add multiple motifs to your home decor. They can give you the southern charm you’re looking for or the classy vibe you’re looking to add to your home. The best part? Mason jars are affordable and easy to commandeer. 

Porch Lighting

Patio lighting can get expensive when you have specific installations in mind. You need professional installers to bring your vision to life, and lighting itself can get expensive. Christmas lights make your patio lighting easy and affordable, so you don’t have to worry about whether people will want to assemble on your patio in the summer.

Rustic Chandelier

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  1. Rustic Chandelier

Creating your rustic chandelier only requires a few simple elements- an antique-looking focal point and Christmas lights to decorate it. An easy way to create a rustic chandelier is by hanging an old ladder to the ceiling and wrapping Christmas lights around it in an artistic display. 

Pool Lighting

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  1. Above-the-Pool Lighting 

Create a dazzling display and attractive reflection by hanging your lights above your pool. If you want to give your pool that hotel rooftop vibe, choosing Christmas lights can be your best bet. They are elegant and straightforward, and they give your pool area a sparkling vibe. 

Light Your Pathway

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  1. Light Your Pathway

You don’t want your patio to be a walking hazard. You also probably don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on patio lighting solutions. Christmas lights are easy to hang and will create an inviting ambiance that your guests will appreciate. 

DIY Projects 

Christmas lights are the perfect solution for DIY projects. You don’t want always to get your home decor from Target. The “Live, Laugh, Love.” sign just gets old eventually. You want your home decor to be unique. Christmas light s offer plenty of canvas options so you can make your decorations with the sayings and aphorisms you care about.

Mantle Piece Art

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  1. Mantle Piece Art 

To add to your home decor, try decorating your mantlepiece with Christmas lights. These lights will become the focal point of your room and direct your guests’ attention to the fireplace or centerpiece of the room.

Light Your Canvas Art

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  1. Light Your Canvas Art 

Creating canvas art is a fun hobby. However, lighting your canvas art will give it an added appeal that your guests will appreciate. And more than your guests, the added lighting will help inspire you to continue creating bedazzled canvas pieces. 

Hallway Twinkle Lights

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  1. Hallway Twinkle Lights

Hallway lights can be the perfect addition for anyone trying to add a different lighting element to their home. They can give you a warmer lighting environment when you don’t want to use your home’s central lights. 

You can also hang white Christmas lights from the ceiling to turn your living room into a more friendly, inviting atmosphere. 

Key Considerations While Shopping 

When choosing Christmas lights for your home, you want to consider a few things. First, you need to decide whether you need indoor or outdoor lighting solutions. You also need to choose between LED and incandescent lighting. Lastly, the bulb’s shape, color, and size will all affect your outcome. 

Indoor Vs. Outdoor 

Choosing indoor vs. outdoor lighting for your home depends on which application you plan to decorate. If you plan to use Christmas lights for your mantelpiece, you will want to choose indoor lighting. If you’re using lights for outdoor applications like your pool, you will want to buy outdoor lighting.

LED Vs. Incandescent

When choosing between LED or incandescent lights, you have to consider a few things. First, are you using the lights long-term, or are they a short-term solution? If they are a long-term fixture, you’ll want to use LED lights. LED lights last longer, save you on energy, and have fewer maintenance costs. 

Bulb Shape, Size, and Color 

The bulb’s shape, size, and color all depend on why you’re buying the Christmas lights. Different DIY projects will call for different sets of lights. Which kind you use depends on a project-by-project basis. 

Conclusion- Nine Uses for Christmas Lights

Using Christmas lights for the holidays only scratches the surface of Christmas light usage. The nine uses discussed in this article are just a few options for your Christmas lights in December. Christmas lights can be a year-round addition to your decor

Whatever idea you have for your home decor, Christmas lights have a place in the lighting section. When choosing your Christmas lights, consider the bulb shape, size, and color, and whether LED Christmas lights work better than incandescent lights for your application.