8 Apps and Gadgets to Keep Track of Your Child + MORE

8 Apps and Gadgets to Keep Track of Your Child + MORE

Beautify Your Content: 8 Image Elements that Perform on PinterestIn order to better understand how brands can drive consumer engagement with images, Curalate‘s data science team reviewed over a half million images on Pinterest, and examined 30 different visual characteristics — including textures, colors, and presence of faces — to learn how they impact social actions such as Pins, Repins and Likes…

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Why online reputation is more important than ever: Q&A with Blue Rubicon’s Craig Le GriceCraig Le Grice, Blue Rubicon’s Chief Innovation Officer, is set to follow up his TNW Conference Europe 2013 appearance with another showing at TNW Latin America in August. We caught up with him to find out what he has planned for São Paulo.
What can we expect from you at TNW Latin America?
Le Grice: What I spoke about in Amsterdam this year for TNW was about how everyone can work together better, so taking different stakeholders, whether it be agencies, consultancies, clients, brand owners, innovators, developers, etc…

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8 Apps and Gadgets to Keep Track of Your Child

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8 Apps and Gadgets to Keep Track of Your ChildParenting is tough to begin with, but add a smartphone-using, texting, emailing and Internet-surfing teen on top of that, and there’s a whole new set of digital rules that apply.
Keeping tabs on your kids at home can be done through communication, Internet filters and other PC-based tools (hopefully), but it becomes a little more difficult when they venture outside
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Tracking your kids with GPS is definitely a debatable topic…

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What if you could reach your existing customers while they’re on Facebook? Does the idea of displaying a Facebook ad only to your prospects list sound interesting? This could give your marketing a boost and help build your brand’s image on Facebook. In this post, I’ll show you two ways to use Facebook’s Custom Audiences […

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“The Number Facebook Doesn’t Want You To See”, an article from Thursday by BuzzFeed claimed Facebook is hiding the number of people who see your posts so you don’t feel bad that most people don’t Like or comment. This morning, a Facebook engineer wrote a retort claiming that is “just plain wrong”, and that Facebook’s testing showed most users are more interested in feedback than total views…

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In a secondary offering that raised $38.5 million for shareholders, Kabam has established that it has a valuation of $700 million, the company said today.
It might appear on the surface that Kabam actually raised that money for itself. But the company confirms that the money being raised in the secondary offering is going to Kabam’s shareholders (employees), not the company itself…

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How to Use Your Feedly RSS Feeds in Sprout Social
The end of Google Reader marked a sad day for a large Internet audience, but the good news is that individuals and businesses still have RSS options for staying informed and connected. Feedly is one of the top choices for a Google Reader replacement. It was initially a client application for using Google Reader, but with the demise of that service, Feedly has become a standalone RSS product…

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The Complete Guide To Hashtag Etiquette [INFOGRAPHIC]What is a hashtag? Well, on Twitter – and increasingly everywhere else – a hashtag is a word or phrase (with no spaces or punctuation) prefixed with the # symbol which gives users an easy way to communicate around a single theme.
Example: #Twitter.
The use of hashtags in social media originated back in August 2007, when designer Chris Messina asked his Twitter followers how they felt about using the pound sign (#) to group conversations on the micro-blogging platform, and thus became the first person to use the hashtag in its modern capacity…

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Social Media Newsfeed: Zimmerman Social Media Reaction | No Hulu Sale Click here to receive the Morning Social Media Newsfeed via email.
Social Media’s Reaction to the Acquittal of George Zimmerman (The New York Times/The Lede)
As The New York Times’ Michael Schwirtz reports, the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin prompted an impassioned debate on Sunday about race and the judicial system, amid calls for more protests to be held across the country…

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