7 Proven Productivity Tips for Every Aspiring Entrepreneur

An Entrepreneur – we all have associated this word with ourselves if we try to create our own path to success. But what defines an Entrepreneur? And what is the meaning of ‘definition?’ A definition is given by bringing together the qualities of that particular word. In the case of an entrepreneur, there are unique qualities which are brought together and form the word.

If you lack any of these qualities, then you dissolve the word Entrepreneur and over time you are tagged as a wantrepreneur – someone who wanted or wants to be an Entrepreneur but never can or could.

And if you are an Aspiring Entrepreneur, you will want to know these qualities. In this article you will come across seven proven productivity tips, which if followed and acted upon, will make you a Successful Entrepreneur.

Run Past the Discouraging Horde of Nay-Sayers

Believing in oneself is of utmost importance. You cannot be an Entrepreneur if you are not confident about yourself or about your idea. Believing in your convictions is what takes an Entrepreneur forward.

On your road to success, you will come across many envious thorns who will try pricking your steady feet with an aim to make you wobble, fall, roll downhill and end up at the bottom of the race.

A simple trick of handling this horde of discouraging critics is by assessing their successes. 90% chances are that they will be the ones who have never utilized their talents, have been unsuccessful and they go around discouraging people. Avoiding such people is of your benefit.

Dream; for Dreaming is Envisioning Your Successful End

Dreamers have always been discouraged by the masses. When an Entrepreneur dreams he isn’t sleeping or drooling during the day over things that come in the “I wish I had this” list. An Entrepreneur is his own oracle; he envisions his successful future. And then he works toward turning his dream into reality.

Hence it is necessary to dream bigger, and out of the box. Turning the impossible into possible is what makes an Entrepreneur successful.

Super Productivity will Guarantee Super Success

There is a difference between productivity and super productivity. Productivity confirms good results, but super productivity guarantees remarkable results, plus bonuses and rewards. To be super productive, you will have to cut down as much time as possible on things that aren’t productive. And unproductive could be anything which will not bring you any real benefit. When you spend time on a particular goal and give your all for it, you will see your business grow exponentially.

It is Now or Never; Keep the Future in Mind but Use the Present to Design

It is good to keep goals. But it is not right to hastily work toward that goal. In Entrepreneurship, time plays the most important role. When you get an idea, put it to implementation as soon as possible and then to make your idea successful and public, work in a systematic but fast manner.

Hastiness and quick thinking are two different things even though both don’t require much time. Hastiness is when you just want the work to be done somehow and this often makes you fumble. Quick thinking and wise decision making will make you work at a fast rate in a properly channeled way.

Divide and Rule

With divide and rule I do not refer to the war strategy. In business, you need to divide your tasks so that you can efficiently rule over them. Amalgamation of all tasks will make your work overtake your mind and everything will fall apart, with you being a slave of overburden. Hence divide your tasks and make your ideas work.

Hire People who Communicate, Trust, Innovate and have Work Ethic

An Entrepreneur is not a one man army, but instead he is one who leads an army of innovators and intellects. Once you set a goal to overtake other empires and become the next dominant and unique force, you will have to recruit those who will complement your tasks. Hire innovators and intellectual Entrepreneurs who will enhance your ideas, and amplify your results.

The OKR Policy

The Objective and Key Results is a process which helps in properly setting your goals. The OKR is used in all big firms. OKR works by setting up a specific amount of time frame, a single objective, with more than three desired key results. Be it an organization or a single entrepreneur, this technique always works.
It makes everything systematic and you break a single goal into various mini goals. This makes your task easier and gives you more space to assess every aspect of your goal.

In Conclusion

The above seven tips will not only make you more productive, focused and proactive but more importantly they will define you as a true entrepreneur.

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