6 Banking Options for College Students + MORE

6 Banking Options for College Students + MORE

Chevron (CVX) Dividend Stock AnalysisChevron (CVX) is the second largest US oil company and the fifth largest oil company in the world.  Chevron is involved in the extraction, refinement and marketing of oil and natural gas.  The company is divided into two main business units.  The first is upstream production, which consists of exploration and production of oil and natural gash and accounts for approximately 27% of 2012 revenue…

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When I found out my recent dental procedure would be $4000 for something that was purely cosmetic, it created all kinds of emotions bubbling up inside.  Then I saw something that I thought was a silly way to help improve your appearance–Bee … Continue reading →The post Do you have a Spending Limit on Self Esteem? appeared first on Financial Black Sheep…

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If you’re a long time reader of the DINKs, you’ll know that we make an effort to bring high quality personal finance information. To whit, we wanted to share some key recommendations made byEric Tyson. Tyson is a former journalist with the San Francisco Chronicle, and has taught courses on personal finance at several universities in the bay area…

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Bridging loans are always secured short-term loans. The most popular security given in order to acquire these loans are residential property and commercial property. It is the ultimate option for removing the gap between property transactions. It is a strategy of securing a property simultaneously with selling another property…

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What NOT to stock up on in your stockpile!
Stockpiles can be very important for your household and are there to assist in saving you hundreds of dollars. From toilet paper and body wash to canned foods and condiments, you can stock just about anything. Finding great deals is key and with the rising costs of household items and groceries, you want to snatch any bargain out there to build that right up…

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5 Truly Unusual Methods of Alternate Income

– theamateurfinancier.com/blog/

5 Truly Unusual Methods of Alternate IncomeLet’s face it, sometimes you need money, and your day job (assuming you even have a day job, that is) just isn’t giving you enough to get by.  There’s many reasons for this, from not earning much at your job to having your expenses suddenly increase (new baby, anyone?) to simply wanting more than what you can afford (and not wanting to go into debt to get it)…

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Should The Parents or The Couple Pay For a Wedding?
Today we welcome our regular Tuesday contributor, Catherine Alford!
In the past, the bride’s family used to pick up the tab for her wedding. However, many couples today are paying part or all of their own way to wedded bliss. This is due to a combination of people getting married later in life and the exorbitant costs of weddings, which might require some to split the bill with their parents…

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What Would You Give Up For Food?I’ve written about keeping a grocery budget low before, which is part of the reason why this infographic stood out to me as one worth sharing. If you look at the bottom of the infographic, it asks the question “What would you give up” specifically in relation to food. What I liked about this infographic is that it gives a table representing four different categories regarding feeding your family from a spendy plan to a very thrifty plan…

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6 Banking Options for College Students
Photo: CollegeDegrees360
If you held a part-time job in high school, you may have a bank account or even a credit card in your name. But if you didn’t work — maybe you just cashed those babysitting checks — you may not be used to dealing with more than just some money in your pocket…

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Low and No Down Payment Mortgages Are Still AvailableThis is a guest article by Rosemary.  If you are interested in contributing to Debt RoundUp, please follow our guidelines.
In the current post-housing crisis era, many changes have occurred in the mortgage industry, most of which are for the protection of the consumer. Change is a good thing especially when it is for our benefit…

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You really, really can save money. Here’s how. Part 1.Yeah.. I’m talking to you!
We all know by now that the only reason that we aren’t all rich is because most people spend more money than they make. Since you’re reading a personal finance blog, and I’m writing one, I think it’s safe to say that we don’t want to be the type of people that have steady paychecks but little to no savings (and mountains of debt)…

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I Know a Secret About Kohls….

– www.enemyofdebt.com/

I Know a Secret About Kohls….Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici / FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Our son needed new dress clothes for his confirmation last weekend, so it was timely that we received a 30% off coupon in the mail from Kohls.  I usually don’t get excited about their coupons because they show up in my mailbox fairly often…

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The Perils of Working From Home

– clubthrifty.com

The Perils of Working From HomeThe Perils of Working From Home
Club Thrifty – Stop spending. Start living. 
I’m livin’ the life!
I recently wrote about how I quit my job in order to focus on my various streams of online income.  The change has been quite dramatic, so I thought I would write a post about the new challenges I am facing since deciding to work from home…
Oh, who am I kidding?  My new set-up is completely bitchin’!  Although I liked my old job, I feel like a have a whole new life…

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Trials in Freelancing

– edwardantrobus.com

Trials in FreelancingLast week was an odd week. I had almost no motivation to get anything done and I had to pick my battles. As it turns out, I probably picked the wrong ones. Having to choose between blogging and some freelance work, I chose the freelance work (freelancing is better paying for the time spent, after all)…

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How to Buy a Bike

– commoncentswealth.com

How to Buy a Bike
With the ever increasing price of gas, bikes are becoming a more popular method of transportation.  Even though a bike may save you money on gas, it’s important you buy the right bike for you or else you won’t ever want to ride it which will result in not saving any money.  There are quite the variety of bike types, prices and places you can buy one so following these few simple steps should get you going in the right direction…

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Pursuing What I Love or What Brings in the (Stable) MoneyPhoto CreditTaking a Leap of Faith
Around one week ago I asked all of you a bunch of questions because I want to learn more about all of you. A lot of you said that the job you currently have is not your dream job.
I’m sure that a lot of you can imagine and/or see where my posts have been going lately…

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