How to get Investors for your new Business

You may believe that you have a great and successful business idea, but if you don’t have all the funds that are needed it can be difficult to fulfill your business adventure. You need to convince someone else that you have a solid business idea and that they can be a part of it–by investing in it. Even with the hard economic times of today, there are many people that are looking for a good business to invest in.

Write a Business Plan

Having a well written business plan can show potential investors that you take your business seriously and will strive to make it successful. You will need to have a good business plan whether you are seeking private or commercial investors for your business. There are many options available to help you write a successful business plan. You can search for sample business plans on the internet–the internet also has templates available to help simplify the process–or you could hire someone to help you write a clearly stated, successful plan. Your business plan should clearly state the intent of your business as well how you will make your business succeed. You should also include the summary, mission, and objectives of your new business. It is also important to give a description of the market analysis for your type of business and location; this will show investors that you are ready to succeed.

Be Prepared

It is essential to be prepared when you begin your search for investors. The first step of this is being able to provide a well written business plan, but you also have to be prepared for any questions potential investors may ask. Be prepared by having facts and statistics readily available–you may even want to have a short presentation available. This may show potential investors that you are prepared and ready to proceed with your business plans. You should also prepare to have your life investigated. Potential investors may want to know your background. This may include your current and past financials, level of schooling, and your employment history.


There are many different options available when it comes to finding an investor for your new business. An investor could be an acquaintance, relative, friend, bank, or someone you don’t know who searches for businesses like yours to invest in. The latter are sometimes known as angel investors. Joining organizations, such as your local chamber of commerce or small business groups, and attending meetings will help introduce yourself and your business to possible investors. This is also a great way to form relationships with fellow business owners. You can also set up an online profile on business investment websites.

Invest Your Own Money

Investing your own money will prove to potential investors that you are serious about your forthcoming business adventure. If your business will be manufacturing an item, invest your money so that you have samples of your product available. You may also want to invest in an expert who can help you write your business plan or launch your new venture. Making small investments in the beginning can help you get all of the money you need to get your new business off the ground.

Guest post from Andy Granger. Andy writes for the Business Insurance Guide.