5 Ways To Make Google (and Your Online Customers) Happy + MORE

LinkedIn polled 50 business leaders about the prized talismans they carry with them everywhere. Some may surprise you.

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When you start a business, especially your first business, there’s an inevitable learning curve. You’ll make mistakes and some of them might cost you money. Here are six common mistakes new small business owners make and tips for avoiding them.

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Is Too Much Ambition Making You Miserable?Craving career success, much like craving fatty foods or a couch potato lifestyle, can lead to long-term problems if you let it take over. Have you gotten the balance right?It’s no surprise that people sometimes want things that are bad for their well being. That supersized order of fries, a fourth glass of wine or lapsed gym membership can be both super appealing now and, we all know, a terrible idea in the bigger picture of our lives…

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If you’ve been in the e-commerce world for any length of time you know when it comes to driving traffic, Google is king. Unlike the days of brick and mortar, customers are no longer the only ones we have to please. More and more, managing a successful e-commerce store is about leveraging customer experience with search engine optimization…

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Top Five Ideas for a New Business

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Want to start a business in 2013 but still don’t have an idea on what to do?
Here are five hot new business ideas that could be perfect for you.
Remember to always research the business thoroughly, especially if you have no background in the field.
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The America Invents Act, which went into effect March 16, has changed the process for patenting. These developments might not help entrepreneurs after all. Here’s why.

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5 Easy Ways Any Business Can Innovate

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While innovation is one of the key drivers of any successful business, many companies are going about developing new ideas all wrong, a new book contends.

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