5 Reasons Why You Should Dream Big

5 Reasons Why You Should Dream Big

People who question their abilities to achieve their dreams are often told by others not to pursue their goals. Or they wasting their time as there is no such thing as rags to riches. It is also a common misconception among the so-called hustlers that rich people earn their wealth by deceit and unfair means. While this may be this case with some rich people, but most of them are honest and hard-working individuals. 

According to a report by NyPost, the United States has more millionaires than Greece has people. The number of new millionaires continues to go up in the United States. The stat suggests that most of them are first-generation millionaires and they received no or very little financial support from their parents or relatives. In this post, I have shared five reasons you should dream big and work to achieve your goals. 

Here Are the 5 Reasons Why You Should Dream Big

1) Failure Can Be a Good Thing

When most people attempt at something they had never done before, guess what happens? They fail. Not only once but a few times before they finally get a positive result. Failure is common. However, it all depends on your attitude. Some people get bogged down by it while there are others who get motivated. 

2) Technology Is Rapidly Advancing 

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With the advancement of technology, we are able to do the things that our forefathers couldn’t even dream of. Anyone can start a blog, or create a smartphone app without knowing a thing about coding. Some say the rapidly growing technology is a detriment to society as people are not able to cope with it. This is somewhat true but there more upsides to it than downsides.

3) It Keeps You Motivated

Most people who are poor or broke have one thing in common. They do not have a purpose to live on this planet. Barring a few individuals who have real problems like disabilities, social disadvantages, and diseases, most people do not have enough life experience for them to realize the need for a purpose in life. A purpose keeps you motivated; even during the toughest times.

4) Big Dreams Are Contagious

Unlike the people who fail to achieve their goals and as a result demotivate others to make themselves feel better, you have a chance to do the opposite. People who win big are often seen as role models. By having a big goal, you can give other people hope and ambition. 

5) You Get to Live to Your Full Potential

With small dreams, you don’t get an opportunity to push yourself to the maximum limit. When your goals are easy-to-achieve, your true qualities are never explored. Also, achieving a small goal won’t give you satisfaction and contentment. Hence, dreaming big also have non-monetary benefits. 


These are the five reasons why you should dream big. Dreaming big may seem like a compulsion initially but with the time you will realize it’s amazing benefits.