5 Powerful Local Marketing Ideas to Embrace in 2019

Do you own a retail store or any other small scale business? Want to get the localities interested in your products/services?

Marketing techniques implemented by large corporates won’t work for you. You need to tap into the psyche of the locals by learning about their culture and ways of life. This is key in building a niche-based business-like health juice bars, convenient stores, drug stores, tattoo parlor, etc from the ground up.

Local marketing

There are many local marketing ideas that can help double your profits without investing a lot in advertisements. Your local crowd wants products and services catered to their needs. So, as a local business owner, you have a great opportunity to tap into this niche market.

Here are 5 powerful local marketing ideas to embrace in 2019

1) Participate in trade shows

trade shows

A trade show or a trade fair is an event organized by a governing body to bring all the companies in a specific industry together under a single roof. Usually, companies set up their own booth and showcase their latest products or ideas for visitors. You can do something similar in your region and get to meet your competitors and potential prospects. Every industry has its own way of organizing these events. Nonetheless, attending trade shows is a great local marketing idea.

2) Use social media

Publishing an ad on TV or National newspaper like the New York Times can be very expensive for a small or medium sized business. Major corporations are already paying millions of dollars to advertising firms to get their product in front of their potential customers. In such a scenario, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are great alternatives to target your local customers. Moreover, to publish an ad in these social media sites will only cost you a few hundred bucks.

3) Create videos on YouTube

youtube videos

Youtube is another great local marketing idea that is underutilized by business owners. The easiest way to use YouTube as a marketing tool is by creating vlogs or podcasts related to your industry. This way you can come off as an authority and recommend your own products.

4) Network with other businesses

Never miss out on an opportunity to network with other business owners. Always invite them for lunch or a coffee and see how you could help them grow their business. By helping others achieve their goals, you naturally attract the right customers and business partners for your own business.

5) Publish in local newspapers and magazines

local magazine

There is still a major chunk of people who prefer reading an actual newspaper than the digital version of it. CEO of Google Sundar Pichai is one of those people who loves to start his day by reading a newspaper along with his tea. Moreover, local newspapers and magazines don’t charge much and will understand you and your prospects better. So, publishing an article or an infographic in it can be a great local marketing idea.


These local marketing ideas are tried and tested by millions of businesses worldwide. There is no risk in investing a few dollars in a Facebook or Google ad campaign. It will drastically increase your yearly turn over and make you a favorite amongst your local community.