5 Important Things to Look for When House Hunting

House hunting is an exciting experience. You are searching for a new home where you will be able to share your life with your family and enjoy countless memories. While this is an experience to look forward to, it can also be an overwhelming and stressful experience if you are unfamiliar with the real estate process. When house hunting, here are 5 important things to look for so that you can invest wisely in a new home.

  1. Location is the most important factor to consider when searching for a home. You could find your dream home, but if it is located on an unsafe street, or far away from your work and friends, it won’t be worth it, nor will it be a logical choice. In contrast, if you love a location and what it offers, you may be able to compromise or deal with certain downsides or a specific home. Always consider the safety of the area, accessibility to highways, work and entertainments. In addition, learn about your neighbors and the specific neighborhood, community involvement, school districts and more.

  2. Consider the home’s curb appeal. While the exterior of the home should not be the main deciding factor, it is something to consider. If you are more laid back, a brick home may be best since it requires minimal maintenance. A laid back, low maintenance family would not do well with a Victorian-style home that is ornate and requires lots of maintenance and attention to the home’s details. Also, check out other things like the gutters and the roof and find out when they were last replaced or repairs. Finally, look around the home and see if sidewalks are safe, if the landscaping is attractive, and even consider the size of the lot. If you plan on keeping up the land on your own, you may not want a huge yard that will take hours to mow or rake!

  3. Decide how many bedrooms and bathrooms you want ahead of time and stick to that! Only look and homes within your needs. You could end up really disappointed if you fall in love with a 2 bedroom 1 bath that is just too small because you need a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom home! Remember that an extra bedroom is always a plus since it can be a guest room or you can change it into a TV room or office space as needed.

  4. Make sure the home has enough storage. Especially in older homes, storage can be a huge issue and may be a large deciding factor. Mae sure that the home will be able to hold al of your things. Look for attic spaces, pantries, basements and other areas where your items can be kept out of the way and organized.

  5. Finally, make sure the kitchen works for you. The kitchen is often where families spend the majority of their time. When viewing a house with a kitchen that isn’t functional, many buyers convince themselves that they will be able to remodel later on. While this is true, remodels are expensive, involved and time consuming. Try to find a kitchen that will work right when you move in to reduce stress and fulfill your needs.

Keeping these things in mind when looking at homes with your Darby Grimmett Realtor will help you to find a house that is right for you and your needs. Knowing what to look for can make a huge difference so you don’t have to walk into open houses blindly or without guidance. With criteria in mind, you will be able to enjoy the house hunting experience while also having a keen eye and being an educated buyer.