5 Easy Ways for Students to Make Money

5 Easy Ways for Students to Make Money

Being a student is not an easy job. There are tasks, group works, and socials involved. But the youth possess boundless energy, and they need to channel that somewhere.

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One way to redirect that energy into something worthwhile is taking on odd jobs. It may sound counterintuitive to fill a student’s already-busy schedule with a seemingly boring option. However, it will teach responsibility to the young ones. And there is joy to be had when you first get your paycheck while still in school.

1.  Take Paid Online Surveys

Legitimate online survey sites exist for various purposes. Most of them want to know what you think about brands. You can set aside at least an hour per site every day. Here are a few sites you can check out:

  • Toluna – Get rewarded for sharing your opinion. A four-hour investment can yield around $20.
  • YouGov – Share your thoughts on social issues. Earn 50p or around $3 per survey.
  • Opinion Outpost – Answer surveys (some of which are fun) for an hour, and you’re already entitled to a payout (around $3).

2.  Be A Delivery Rider or Driver

With many startups providing delivery services to consumers, the need for riders is constantly on the rise. If you have the necessary papers and qualifications (e.g. at least a high school graduate), you can apply as a rider or driver to one of these startups. You’ll earn an estimate of around $5 per trip on weekdays and $7 per trip on weekends.

3.  Search for Gigs On Freelancing Platforms

The gig economy is more inclusive, so it doesn’t matter if you’re still a student. However, some platforms are more competitive than others. This means you are going head-to-head with more experienced individuals, such as specialists and professionals.

You should see this as a challenge and an opportunity. The challenge is how you’ll earn clients’ trust while you’re just starting out. The opportunity is that you are building your portfolio by accepting projects online. Try Fiverr, Upwork, 99designs, Peopleperhour, and Craigslist.

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4.  Become A Mystery Shopper

The job of a mystery shopper is somehow exciting. Depending on the industry the client belongs in, you’ll be able to eat or shop for free. It’s like taking those paid online surveys. You help brands, businesses, and companies become better by sharing your opinion and experience.

5.  Try Dropshipping

Dropshipping is the process of selling stuff without having to keep an actual inventory of the goods. Like the other options, it will require an investment of your time and effort. But unlike the rest, it will also need you to shell out some money.

There are low-cost ways to get started as a dropshipping entrepreneur. Check out Shopify’s Ultimate Guide to Dropshipping to learn more.

There are many other ways for a student to make money. These are just a few easy examples to get you started. It’ll take some time to settle in. But you might get the hang of it sooner or later. You can even build a strategy as you become more comfortable with having  a job.

Welcome to the labor force!