5 Companies that You could’ve Invested in to be Rich Today


Stock investment is probably the riskiest business for the general public. Figuring out which stock to buy is no easy task. Monitoring the growth of companies and the rise and fall of stocks requires high market research. Investing in stocks sure is risky, but the returns are high and you might end up getting super-duper rich.

Let us look at 5 companies which, you could have invested in 10 years ago to become super rich today.

  1. Bitcoin

This cryptocurrency went public in 2009 when its points cost about 5 to 10 cents which is roughly 3 to 6 rupees. So, one bitcoin would have cost you 6 rupees back then. If you would’ve sold that Bitcoin for the current price, you would’ve received 280660.87 Rupees for one bitcoin. This insane growth would’ve made you a millionaire if you would’ve invested a few thousand rupees back in 2009. Bitcoin has seen a tremendous growth in 2017 and it is expected to further increase. Don’t you wish that you or your parents should’ve invested in bitcoins and now you would be sipping smoothies from coconut shells in your private island?

  1. Apple

Apple products are getting extremely popular in India. iPhones have become a status symbol amongst the middle-class families. But did you know that Apple stocks were trading around $10 per share in 2007? Now the share prices have hit $154.12. A $5000 investment in 2007, you have gotten you 500 shares in Apple. Selling this stock now, you would have made 77 thousand dollars in 10 years. Of course, these gains look nothing compared to those of bitcoins, but are still significant. And we all know that the Apple market will grow further as it is the most iconic and well-known brand.

  1. Netflix

Netflix isn’t just famous for Netflix and chill, but this giant entertainment package has been a favourite in the business market as well. With an increase in the video streaming industry, Netflix has seen a soaring rise in their stock values. With $3 a share in 2007, in ten years the shares have reached a whopping $181.35. With an investment on $5000 ten years ago, you could’ve easily earned 302 thousand dollars. The growth in the stock price makes Netflix the best stock you could have purchased in 2007. Netflix has seen a few ups and downs, with a 300 percent increase in 2013 and a 400 percent increase in 2003. But in 2011, Netflix suffered a 60 percent fall in its share prices.

  1. Priceline

This travel company with shares traded at $44 ten years ago, now trades shares at $1830.82. By investing in this giant travel agency, you could’ve made 200 thousand dollars. Priceline has been a king in the stock department. It has seen a rapid growth in its prices and currently, without a significant investment, you won’t receive a high profit.

  1. Amazon

Amazon has come a long way from its initial share pricing of $18 in 1997. The shares have skyrocketed 48,197% from their initial pricing. Before you would buy literally anything from this store, Amazon was just an average online bookstore. Investing in Amazon in its early days would’ve made you a millionaire today. During the last ten years, Amazon has gained 1405% in its share prices which is a tremendous growth. Currently, the Amazon share price stands at $961.35 per share. Amazon being a leader in the e-commerce business, constantly adds new products and services, making it the one stock you will want to hold on to for a long time.

This list certainly makes you regret your choices over the last decade. But now, you can try to make wise decisions regarding stock investments. Instead of buying a new iPhone which you probably don’t need, you can use that money to buy some stocks in a growing company, and no one knows you might hit a jackpot. But, always make informed decisions when it comes to stock market. Research the business scenario well and then wade into this risky territory.