4 Ways to Use Social Media Platform for Customer Service

Social media on SmartphoneAs the craze of the social media is increasing at a bigger pace so more people are thinking to veer away from the traditional channels like calling and emailing. To voice the opinion of companies, many are opting social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

If the company does not have someone to operate the social media channels for customer service and their related inquires and that to responding to them correctly – is just like turning of the droves of current and potential paying customers.

There are customers who do not want to sit on the phone with the customer service agent for hours in order to resolve an issue. They expect that the business is responsive over social media. This modern source of interaction is going to define a brand.

Go through these 4 ways to use social media platforms as the customer service tool.

1.       Try To Maintain a Separate Customer Service Account

Create an account that is very separate from the company’s main feed or page, which is able to maintain the customer service related messages and requests. They should have the similar voice and branding to your main account.

The social media account will help you to set a separate marketing channel from the customer support. It also gives the customer a specific place to contact the company, instead of hoping their messages to the business’s main account.

2.       Look For the Single Contact Resolution

The business owners desire to resolve their inquiries that come in the transaction path, when they are present in the offline mode at the social media, or may be on the phone, email. If a customer is having a simple question, do not make them get on a phone to receive the answer. Do everything to resolve the customer issue over whichever system they reach out, including the social media.

3.       Smarter Handling of the Crisis

Do you know sometimes your website goes down or you might be experiencing a production issue? When you face trouble like this, social media becomes a useful tool to communicate directly with the customers. The crisis can also cause an explosion of messages over the popular social media channels. At that time, it became impossible for a small team to respond to the messages.

In such a situation, one should not direct messages but should give regular status updates. To let the customer know, what is happening and that you are aware and concerned about their needs.

4.       Train the Representatives

You do not know when your team needs to handle the social media. It may be during the crisis or during heavy customer service pressure. Employees must know how to handle the customer service issues over the social media.

Do not assume that someone who is able to deal with customers over the phone, can handle the social media efficiently. Since, one has to understand the brand’s voice on social media.  This is where training plays a big role.

With these 4 ways, social media platform is going to earn brownies for you and render effective customer support.

Author’s Bio: Sara Bull is the online marketing strategist and the social media expert who is working with IT technical support call center Philippines. She helps to engage the call center agents in useful conversation and provide effective social media customer services.