4 Most Innovative Marketing Strategies for Startups

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To establish your brand and to sustain its name in the market, it requires you to have a solid brand name, a company, whose products and services are trusted by the customers. But, if your target audience does not even know about your company’s existence, how will you ever expand your business and make it big? And, especially for the new businesses, with the market drowning with new products every single day, it is important that your marketing approach is different and innovative. So, we present you with some tips to go about when it comes to improving and increasing the brand image and awareness in the market. Here are the four tips. Read along:

(1) The first thing on the list is to get influencers for your business, who would display your product to their established audience, who already knows them and trusts their choices. So, when a famous person associates themselves with your product, there mentions and posts will increase people’s awareness about your product and your brand. For example, if you have company that sells sports shoes, you could target a sports player, a cricketer or footballer to promote your latest shoe collection. Your influencers become a part of your team; they become your brand ambassadors.

(2) It is important that you concentrate on brand packaging. People tend to remember about products that they receive looking like a special gift, instead of just another shipment. If possible, go for custom design packaging, so that the experience of the customer is enhanced. You are presenting your brand, even in the slightest of the things. For example, If you own a milkshake café, you could package the milkshake in pretty glass bottles, that could be used by your customers to decorate their homes.

(3) It is fact that most people who use the web browsers don’t even bother looking at the second page of a Google search. So, the next most important aspect to keep in mind is Search Engine Optimization or SEO research, which will help you, set yourself apart from the rest.

(4) This list would be incomplete without the mention of the most powerful digital media tool – social media. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. are such strong tools to promote your brand, its vision and its products amongst your target audience. You could testimonials of some of your trusted customers, start a marketing campaign for the launch of a new product, even start a social movement, amongst so many other things that you could possible do to interact with customers.