3 Tricks for Hiring The Right People

3 Tricks for Hiring The Right People


When someone starts a business, they do it because they want that business to be successful and to make money. There are other reasons, of course, but the one that prevails over all the others is the need to make a profit. As a business owner, you will know that there are a number of different ways to go about doing this, but something that you might not have considered is how important hiring the right people is to your bottom line. With the right people working for you, you can gain a great reputation, offer excellent customer service, and you can focus on your own tasks rather than all the rest. With that in mind, below is three tricks to ensure you hire people who will help, not hinder, your business.

  1. Know Who You Want

Before you can hire anyone who is going to be a bonus for your business, you need to know exactly who you are looking for. You can start this process when you write the job ad. Make sure that it includes everything you want from your new employee, such as whether they should know how to programme or be able to use specific tools such as CircuitStudio by Altium because this will make it easier to choose the shortlist for interviews. Work out what kind of person you need, as well as what skills they should possess. As not everyone is going to be able to tick all the boxes, some of those skills and personality traits should be required, and others should be ‘nice to have.’ It will depend on what the job is that you are hiring for as to what kinds of skills you ask for in your ad and during the interview.

  1. Have A Strategy

Far too many business owners want the recruitment process over and done with as soon as possible, meaning that they rush through and don’t plan it out. This is not a good idea as it can lead to panic and errors, and if you hire someone who isn’t actually right for the job or the company, it can cause many more problems. Plus you will need to go through the hiring process again!

Set up a meeting with your key staff and discuss the new hire with them; they will give you some excellent ideas and will also be able to help you plan the recruitment strategy that you need. At the same time, you can work out a checklist for what is required from your new recruit.

  1. Read Resumes Carefully

If you are offering a good package and the company you own is one that has a good reputation for looking after its staff, you may receive many different resumes and cover letters. It pays to take your time at this point and read them all carefully. Even if you think you have found the right people to interview, don’t dismiss the resumes that are still left because you may find someone who fits the profile you are looking for even better. Make sure there is a cut off date for applications because you want to have read everything before deciding who to interview.