3 Ideal Ways to Make a Splash in Deepwater + MORE

3 Ideal Ways to Make a Splash in Deepwater + MORE

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For much of the past century, technological advances in locating and producing oil — gas was essentially a byproduct during most of that time — came at a relatively slow, steady rate. Since then, as you know, two key approaches have been developed to vastly enhance our ability to increase the output of both crude oil and natural gas…

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How To Invest Like Jim Rogers

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How To Invest Like Jim RogersMaking millions and retiring in your 30s is every investor's dream. But for legendary commodities trader Jim Rogers, it was just the beginning of a career on Wall Street that has spanned six decades and produced a net worth in the hundreds of millions.
Rogers' amazing success was built on his uncanny ability to spot long-term trends well before the masses, earning him a reputation as a contrarian…

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Rodney Dangerfield of Metals Gets the Last Laugh

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I call palladium the Rodney Dangerfield of metals because it “gets no respect, I tell ya, no respect at all.” Palladium is mostly an industrial metal, outdazzled by its flashier sisters gold, silver and platinum. While those other metals take frequent trips to the jewelry store, palladium toils away in the auto factory…

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Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said Wednesday that  central bank policy in the U.S. will stay loose “for the foreseeable future” amid low inflation and high unemployment.
It was off to the races for stocks as a result, with the major indexes pushing to new highs.
Bernanke  spoke in Cambridge, Mass…

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Noble has an excellent production growth profile, but is the valuation already too full?    

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Re: Wrist Watches

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Twenty plus years using a $20 Casio. Still runs fine.

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I Bet You’re Probably Losing: Try Something That Actually Works    

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July 11 (Bloomberg) — Jesse Kornbluth, author and editor
of HeadButler.com, says Barnes & Noble Inc. is at a crossroads
due to a “series of unforced errors.” Kornbluth talked with
Bloomberg’s Pimm Fox and Carol Massar on Bloomberg Radio’s
“Taking Stock” on July 10th.

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