25 Better Reasons To Move To New Orleans + MORE

25 Better Reasons To Move To New Orleans + MORE

“4DX” for Real Estate Investing: a Simple Plan to Execute Your Strategic Vision!
“Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.”   Joel Barker
Imagine this: your  alarm goes off at 6am and you scurry to shower and get ready.  You rush out the door.  You join the hypnotized masses as they wind their way to work…

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25 Better Reasons To Move To New Orleans1. Like the lazy Mississippi, life here goes by slower than most expect.

As soon as you arrive, take a moment to slow down. Mentally and physically. Life moves slower here, sometimes too slow for visitors. What you call sluggishness, we see as normal pace. Whether it’s a late streetcar, a jazz trio coming on stage an hour after schedule, or a chatty bartender taking their dear sweet time, try not to frustrate yourself…

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Bob Vila’s July ‘Must Do’ ProjectsBy Bob Vila
Stay tick-free as you plant or play games in the yard, and keep cool indoors while pursuing creative wallpaper projects.
Source: craftsy.com
Garden smarter
This summer, no matter what you’re planting, whether vegetables to eat or flowers to look at, consider planting your chosen varieties in a raised-garden bed…

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