11 Quick Tips for Writing Compelling Posts On Your Blog + MORE

11 Quick Tips for Writing Compelling Posts On Your Blog + MORE

We have two big things to announce today.
First, we’re launching a podcast next Monday, June 3rd!
This is no ordinary business podcast. We’re shaking things up and taking a different approach from other shows.
You’ll get to hear what I mean starting next week. We’ll be releasing a brand new episode each day next week, starting with Monday’s episode on “finding your voice…

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What will happen if Zac Johnson recommended one of your products to his readers?
I think this will bring you enough sales.
What if Brian Clark, Darren Rowse had also promoted it?
I’m sure your earnings are going to skyrocket. But how?
You need to build a relationship with them before anything, so when you ask them for a favor, they will do it for you happily…

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Yesterday I ran a workshop for a small group of bloggers here in Australia. One of the sessions I covered was on writing compelling content.
Here’s a brief look at a few of the recurring themes in what I shared:

Be Useful – if your post isn’t informing, inspiring, entertaining or making someone’s life better – don’t publish it until it does…

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WordPress 10 Years Later: How An Open Source Platform Grew To Rule The WebCan you believe it was ten years ago that web developer Matt Mullenweg introduced WordPress to the world? At that time blogging was a dirty word typically associated with out of work lazy writers. Even guys making seven figures with their WordPress websites were considered out of work slobs. Heck my friends who make less money than me still think I need to get a “real job…

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Many bloggers out there seem to have forgotten that they are not blogging for search engines or links. Instead a blog should be about the readers.

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