10 Tips to Getting Prospects to Return Your Calls + MORE

10 Tips to Getting Prospects to Return Your Calls + MORE

As college costs skyrocket, going to school before starting up is becoming more difficult to justify. Here’s a look at how a few Thiel Fellows earned their entrepreneurial stripes outside of the classroom.

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How to Take a Working VacationExperts weigh in on everything from when should you try to get away to how to keep the heat from ruining your gadgets.This Friday summer officially got underway but you’ve probably been daydreaming about vacation season from long before that. And, as a business owner, also probably fretting about it…

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Am I Losing My Employees Over Healthcare?

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A solid healthcare plan is a make or break deal for employees deciding whether to take a job or stay at their current place of employment.
But, with the various types of coverage most employers provide, sometimes having poor employee health care is worse than no health care at all. Obamacare aside, how should companies structure their plans and what should potential and current employees look for when it comes to companies meeting their healthcare needs?
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Telling friends and family you’re going to start your own business is often just as scary as actually taking the plunge. Virgin’s CEO offers advice on how to get those you love on-board.

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In 2003, after two years in Texas, Moe Ghashim moved back to his hometown of Aleppo, Syria. He was attracted to the country’s immense potential and the aspirational drive of its people. Moe started a web design company, servicing his US-based clients with a growing workforce of 12 employees. Soon, he started dreaming of his next venture, a platform that would make setting up an online e-commerce store as easy as starting a Facebook page…

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If you’re making phone calls to prospective customers on a regular basis, you are probably used to hearing ‘I’ll call you back.’ But do they ever actually do it? Here are 10 ways you can increase the likelihood that they will.

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The most common business mistakes and how to embrace themLet’s be realistic, every business makes mistakes. For us at Mekonta, the pro-active way to deal with them is to acknowledge them quickly and do your best to make sure they aren’t repeated again. As any bona fide business owner would say, mistakes will happen, it’s how you deal with them that counts…

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Matt Damon E-mailing You at the Office?

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Oh no, that doesn’t say “Matt Damon.” You’ll have to keep hoping for that “entroduction.” Here are the latest LOL-inducing, insightful and character-limited words of wisdom that helped me run my business last week.

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