6 Things You Can Do Post-Retirement to Make Money

Almost all of us start saving money when we start earning so that we can accumulate a handsome amount and use it to live our post retirement life in a lavish manner. If you are a government worker, you will have an automated monthly pension.

But, if you do not want to be all idle in your retirement years then you can generate income in a way which is not hectic, is enjoyable and can complement your savings. As a freelancer, you have a treasure chest full of opportunities. We’ll look at six of those.

1. Be a Freelance Consultant

The reach of experience is farther than your office work. The experience you gain throughout your professional life can be used after your retirement. You can convert this experience and be a freelance consultant.

You can consult businesses, students, young entrepreneurs and entry seekers into your field of work by inviting them to your recreational activities to obtain these connections and resources. You can either open up a firm or start online consulting. This post retirement work will give you and others much content of heart and will be good for all persons.

2. Be an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is an easy skill. In this your work will be to help companies gain profit by bringing customers to them. You will be paid a commission every time a customer buys the company’s product or uses their service through your reference.

With all those years of knowing people and making connections, you can have an easy task of affiliate marketing. There also is an option of opening up an online store or directory. This will earn you money through companies of the products you have listed and through online advertisements.

3. Real Estate and Stock Investment

From the retirement money that you have accumulated, you can invest in the real estate business. The real estate market has good opportunities and once again, through your experience, you can get contacts for this.

Stock investment is another good financial investment idea. All you need to do is buy a share in the stock market – a small share. Over time this small share’s value will increase and you will have earned much profit from it.
A good amount of time spent in researching the stock market will give you a better idea of how it works and you can invest in the best and most promising stocks.

4. Blogging

Web blogging is one way of earning from anything you love. You sure do have a lot of hobbies, talents and skills. You’d have much knowledge upon areas of public interest like politics, literature, myths, science, art, etc. You can write on these and many subjects or make video blogs and post them on your blogs.

Blogs generate income through online advertisement among many other ways. In this world of international web network, you have endless post retirement blogging opportunities. Once again, your experience is of much help.

5. Start Your Own Franchise

This, for most cases, is not about opening up a million dollar franchise. There are many areas where you can start your own thing. If you have a knack for cooking and you’re good at it, you can start your own restaurant.

If you are good at fashion designing, you can start a brand of clothing, if you love making small or big sculptures or love collecting artifacts, you can start an antique shop.

Depending upon your interest and skills, you can start any type of franchise. You have all the time, money, space and of course experience to start one.

6. Total Freelancing

Freelancing is the best option for anyone who retires. You can merge the above to do easy multitasking. Let us look at an example using your talent as a chef. You can open up a restaurant.

You can make a website of your restaurant, write blogs on how to make dishes and the dishes you invent, along with the blog you can sell your dishes online and can sell your recipes to huge food enthusiasts.

From the income generated, you can invest in the stock market and real estate. From the profit made in the stock market, you can expand your franchise.

With your experience and by establishing your name in this new franchise, you can raise your status and if you are very good at it, you can be a judge in cooking shows or can start a cooking class. The options are plenty.

The Choice is Yours!

Post retirement life is all about using your years of hard work, and experience to earn money through something you love and which doesn’t interrupt in your retirement enjoyment activities. You are a free bird who can travel in any direction. The choice is yours. You can either idle away your retirement or spice it up and make it far better than your entire life has been!

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  1. I agree with all the points except real estate and stock investment, because as far as my knowledge goes post retirement money is for enjoyment.and other points stated above have higher return on investment. Whereas in stocks u need detailed info on companies u are investing in, while real estate was and is still volatile.

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