@Zillow Roundup 3-29-13: Look Outside + MORE

How to Invest in Real Estate with No Money

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How to Invest in Real Estate with No Money
In typical fashion, I couldn’t get to sleep.
I had consumed enough caffeine to wake a sleeping bear and was stuck staring at the ceiling, waiting for my dreams to start – to no avail. As was the tradition most of those nights during college, I flipped on the television in an effort to numb my mind enough to try again later…

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House #42: Staging Pictures

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House #42:  Staging PicturesThe WI-2 House is completed and listed for sale…
The project went very smoothly and it turned out great! The bulk of the work was in the kitchen — here’s that transformation:

Here are all the Staging pictures from this renovation:
The WI-2 House: Staging Pics
We still need to paint the exterior and do some landscaping, but that’s pretty difficult when it’s 10 degrees and snowing out…

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The Inventory-Less California Housing RecoveryThe housing market has been on a solid upswing the past several months. Prices have been increasing across the country and especially in California. Less attention has been paid to the 500 pound gorilla in the room: the reasons behind the jump in prices.
Why are prices up?
Answer: No inventory.
Nationally, inventory is down about 50% from its peak, while California is down by even more…

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@Zillow Roundup 3-29-13: Look OutsideLooking for home design inspiration? You may have all you need right outside your window.
This week we asked the @Zillow community, “Would you prefer a view of the park, skyline, ocean or backyard?” Here’s what you had to say:

What can you see from your backyard? Fill us in here or in the comments below.

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Latest Joe Calloway Book Features Memphis Invest

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Latest book release from Joe Calloway features Memphis Invest
In 2012, Memphis Invest studied the book “Becoming A Category of One” by Joe Calloway.  In August of that year, I picked up the phone and called Joe Calloway and invited him to come to the offices of Memphis Invest and address our staff…

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Oracle CEO Larry Ellison Lists $28.5 Million Lake Tahoe MansionFiled under: News, Celebrity Homes, Selling

Billionaire Oracle chief Larry Ellison has just listed his Lake Tahoe mansion in Glenbrook, Nev., for a whopping $28.5 million. No surprise to us, really, considering that he’s built another mega-mansion on the other side of the lake, which he’s just about ready to move into, according to our friends at Curbed…

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