Your grandfather used to do it why not you…

this that and the mba, thisthatandthembaHave you ever noticed the price of razor blades keeps going up and up?  What is the deal with that?  It is not World War II when we were rationing the use of metals.  I am not sure how many blades Gillette is up to now but I have been using the Mach 3 as of recent.  My wife went to the store to pick up a pack of them the other day and I was shell shocked at the price of a 5 pack it was close to $15.  I checked out some of the other blades and saw the Fusion Proglide Power for close to 19 bucks for a 4 pack. 

Have you ever tried shaving with a straight razor?  Well it may be time to pull one out.  A while back I purchased a straight razor that you could interchange the disposable safety razor blades. 

The great thing is they are a few bucks for 10 blades.  Sure it is going to take you a little bit of time to get used to but as soon as you pick one up and shave with you will not want to put it down.  Not only are you saving yourself a bundle of money, you probably spend about $50-60 a year in cartridge costs if you use the Mach 3.  Considering that is old technology out in the marketplace today if you use one of the new fancy ones you are probably spending more. 

Why not be more budget conscious and pull out a single blade to shave your face.  It is just like what our grandfathers and great grandfathers used to do.  It is not hard, but the first time I used one it looked like I was in a knife fight.  After that I rarely nick myself and you will notice an improvement in your skin as well.  The shave is much closer than those 10 blade gadgets claim to get your face!  It will give you a reason to put on aftershave as well; your wife will certainly appreciate your attention to your skin. 

So are you with me?  What do you think; do you want to give it a try?  Any other ideas on ways to cut down on the cost of a shave?  I have tried those cheap blades but they rip up my face!  Consider the savings over a lifetime!

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  1. I’m with you man! I think I’ll give this a try! ANd it looks way cooler than the razors we use today. Question – I’m positive if my wife read this she’d wonder, what about her legs? Can you use blades like that on yoru legs? This post also reminded me of Chronicles of Riddick where Vin Diesel shaves with his knife and motor oil. Maybe I won’t go that far.

    1. @ TB – I am pretty sure she could use it to shave her leg. The straight razor blade that is used in the razor is the safety razor blades cut in half. I go against the grain and it works great, it would probably take a bit to acquire the skill. It feels pretty manly to be shaving with a knife too!!

  2. I have used a straight razor for some time now to make edges look more crisp and structured. They are cheap but you’d better be careful lol. These seem to last longer than the razors you get at the store as well. Another option would be to join the “”. Watch the video, it’s awesome!

    1. @ Jeremiah – are you a member of the dollar shave club? I love the intricate designs that you can do on your face with a straight razor. I usually change my facial hair every other week. I like to keep people guessing as to what I am going to look like next time they see me!

  3. Well, not only did my grandfather use a straight razor, but he also used to walk to school up hills both ways with a 50 pound block of ice on his back :). I like the creature comforts of today. Buy your razors on ebay. They are half the price of the ones at your local store.

    1. @ Short Road to – my mom used to tell me she walked up hill too both ways. That is one thing that I never considered doing is using ebay to check for razor blades. Most the time it is at last minute when we realize we are out. A little planning might go a long way to cutting costs.

  4. Yes razor blades are super expensive. I just tend to put off shaving and use the blades until they’re tugging on my hair. Probably not the best solution. I am intrigued by that dollar shave club I’ve heard about. I hadn’t considered buying razors online. I think I’d give either of those options before giving the straight razor a try. I just find that I sometimes shave when in a rush or when not completely awake.

    1. @ Jeremy – I was really scared the first time I put the blade to my face. I turned quick and took a nice laceration across my cheek. If you are in a rush or not awake, I’d stick with the dull razor or go primitive and grow a beard.

      1. I was going to primitive route, but then my favorite hockey team got eliminated from the playoffs. If I keep it going now though, I’ll get all kinds of comments reminding me of that.

        1. @ Jeremy – hahahaha sometimes I go primitive and then no one recognizes me. I am glad my kids recognize me still, they don’t seem to mind the facial hair one day then gone the next.

  5. This looks like a good alternative. The price of razor blades today are quite high, and it’s now gotten to the point where it’s expensive to even think about shaving; let alone actually doing it. I’ll surely consider trying the straight razor, but it does scare me a little. However, I’m sure that with practice and a few nicks, I’ll get used to it.

    1. @ Anthony – you should definitely consider it, I was surprised actually how easy it is to use once you get the hang of it.

  6. I’ve looked at getting a Merkur safety razor. I think the blades last a lot longer.

    I would slice my jugular with a straight razor.

    1. @ John – it is the same blades that go in those, they are just cut in half and loaded into the straight razor. I hear you it was kind of scary going there the first time. Actually the first few times I shaved that area with a normal mach 3, until I was comfortable.

  7. I’m not sure if this works for women too…but lady razors are so not cheap!!!

    1. @ Shopping to Shaving – They certainly are just as expensive!! It is cheaper to buy my wife gold than it is a 12 pack of razor blades. 🙂 I would really like to know what is making them so expensive.

  8. The shaving gear companies have adopted the same business model as makers of printers: Practically give away the printer/razor, make the ink/blade cartridge proprietary, then charge a fortune for refills!

    Clark Howard claims that drying your razor blades after use greatly extends its life. I don’t know about that, but I get a kick out of visualizing Clark blow-drying his razor.

    1. @ Kurt – that is an interesting comparison it sounds like you are dead on with it though. It is cheaper to replace the printer just for the new cartridges. Hmm I will have to check out drying the blade to see if that works.

  9. My grandfather shaved with a gun! Just kidding. Yes, I’ve shaved with a blade I sharpened myself. But I’ve also shaved 50+ times with a disposable Good News two-blade razor than I stropped with my thumb (not against the blades, guys, with the blades). Both work. Both methods save money. I recommend the second method. Don’t sweat drying it — it’s stainless steel. Just rinse it well. And occasionally rub your thumb with the blade to straighten the feather. You can get lots of shaves with a good disposable razor. IF you can find a cheap brand at the dollar store, they do work, but not all brands. BICs are a joke. Most cheap razors from China are crap; they have microscopic flaws. Three blade razors scare me — I don’t understand them. I also don’t like that mucus strip they attach because, what, I’m too dumb to use some conditioner. Yes, conditioner. Don’t put soap or shaving cream on your face. Get a good electric razor and clean up with a cheap disposable. That’s what I do anyway. I mean I’m a space alien; I don’t know what you humans are talking about. Cool post, Christopher.

    1. @ Astro – lol a gun. I have never tried using your finger to go against it to try and straighten it. I will try that next time. Thanks for the advice.

    1. @ Karunesh – Yes I have heard of that, actually the blades that are used for the safety razor are the same ones I use for the straight razor. They are insanely sharp! I have never given a safety razor a try. Maybe some day when I am feeling manly I will give it a whirl.

  10. Wow, that’s insane! I didn’t know razors were that expensive. I can’t weigh in because, luckily, I don’t have to shave my face but I was definitely surprised to see those prices.

    1. @ Daisy – I hope you dont have to shave your face, but if you do a straight razor will make you feel wo “man” ly

  11. I never considered that option but I have a feeling I would always look like I was in a knife fight. I sometimes cut myself with the disposable razors! Does it take a lot more time or is it about the same speed?

    1. @ Lance – at first it took close to half an hour to shave but now it maybe takes a few minutes more. When I do some intricate designs on my face that takes some time otherwise it is pretty close to the same time as a razor blade.

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