You Only Get One Shot – Make the Best of Your Opportunities

How many times has a great opportunity fallen into your lap, but you let it slide by you. Later when your friends were bragging how well their investment paid off all you could do was kick yourself for not taking action? I am guessing you’ve probably been in this situation at least once, because everyone on the planet has had one of those moments. We only have one chance to get it right and if you wait too long, you’ll miss out.

No doubt fear has kept you from moving forward with an amazing money making opportunity. Fear of making a mistake is completely normal, but making mistakes is what makes us smarter and if you always give one hundred and ten percent every time you take up a challenge you are going to succeed more times than you fail, especially when it comes to financial matters and investing.

As you already know, when it comes to investing there are no sure things. The biggest thing for you to take into consideration when faced with an opportunity is whether or not you can afford the risk? If you lose out on the investment and have to eat Top Ramen for the next six months, then you should probably let it slide, but if you have the means and can wait for your investment to improve, there is no reason not to go for a potential investment that could earn you big in return.

There are always opportunities that are going to fall into your lap and if you know which ones are going to be better for your bottom line you might be able to assuage some of that fear and dive in, knowing that waiting and missing out will end up costing you more.

Real Estate

One area that is always a good investment is in residential housing and because of the housing bubble bursting, this is an incredible time to invest in housing. All over the country housing is at an incredible low. Plus, even in this strange housing economy, interest rates are also at an all time low. This means you get a cheap investment at a cheap interest rate. With some time, your investment will mature well.

As you wait for the housing market to recover you can use that additional property as a rental and earn income from it every month. As things improve you can either flip the house and sell for more than you purchased it for or keep it as a rental and eventually get another property. If you don’t fancy the idea of being a landlord, there are plenty of property management services that will do all of the work for you for a small annual fee.


Yes, a smart investor is going to diversify. You want to have your money working smartly for you. Try out areas that you think aren’t worth your time. There are hundreds of investment opportunities that your broker probably won’t even think about such as gold, timber, and social investments; these might seem like strange off-market investments, but they can help you to diversify. Just be careful, for every legitimate investment opportunity, there is someone looking to get rich off of a few careless investors. Check potential investments out clearly and carefully before sending off any money.

Venture Investing

Have you ever heard of venture investing? No doubt you, like most people, think that only the really big guns and super high rollers will ever get a shot at these private financial deals, but the web is making venture investing possible for anyone with a net worth of over one million dollars. These sites can work like an opportunity magnet, pointing you in the most amazing investments directions; you just have to be ready to pounce when the right one comes along.

Emerging Markets

Emerging markets are another investment opportunity where you need to be quick with your investment movements. Countries like India and China are having strong economic growth. If you’re only investing in U.S. markets you are missing the boat on big opportunities. The decline of the dollar has left some of these overseas markets looking really good.

Global recovery is going to take some time and as the bigger markets fight losses and make small gains, smaller emerging marketing are going to have a much clearer shot of skyrocketing. Plus, countries like New Zealand and Australia didn’t take a real hit from the dot com fiasco and are in a much better place financially than many other countries right now. Ignoring the potential of emerging markets will leave you feeling sorry for another missed financial opportunity. Don’t wait too long on the international boat because as these markets grow their fees are increasing as well.

Readers: Where do you see opportunity around you? That’s what I love most about this country; the land of opportunity! Share your thoughts below.