Working From Home: Top Tips On Where to Set Up Your Office, Additional Security and Your Health


Once you have made the decision to work from home, the next step is to decide where your home office should be set up. Perhaps you have a spare room with enough space for your desk and any other equipment you may need. If possible, try to remove any clutter from the room to create an inviting and stimulating workspace.
If you do not have a spare room, give some thought to how you will be using your home office. Will you be inviting clients to your home? Then you should set up your workspace as close to the front door as possible. You do not want them walking through your bedroom to get to your workstation. Alternatively, you could meet clients in nearby coffee shops or find out whether there are any temporary meeting rooms available to rent in your city.


When it comes to setting up a home office, consider some security options. If you work in a separate room, make sure you are able to lock it, especially if you live with children and/or pets. Nothing is more disheartening than finding that the project you have been working on for months got destroyed in the throes of play. If you cannot lock the entire office space, it may be a wise choice to purchase a filing cabinet with a lock. Another possibility is a fireproof strong box that is big enough to hold at least your most important documents and a hard drive with backups of your computer files. You should also consider adjusting your home insurance policy. Make sure anything you add to your home (computer equipment, camera etc.) is covered by your insurance.


Working from home has many benefits. However, for some people working from home means they spend even more hours at their desk. It is therefore important to ensure plenty of natural light near your workspace. Not only is natural light best for your eyes (especially if you job involves lots of reading), it also allows you to retain a better sense of time. As it gets darker outside you know the end of your home-workday is nearing. Working near a window will also allow you to let in enough fresh air to stay sharp during working hours.

An important investment for anyone working from home is a decent chair. Considering the hours you will spend sitting in this chair, you should make sure you have one that is comfortable, while offering the support your back needs. A good idea is always to try chairs out before you buy them. A well-stocked retailer can be helpful advising you on how to properly adjust the chair, even if you decide to buy it online afterwards.