Will You Spend More on Vacations This Year? + MORE

Will You Spend More on Vacations This Year? + MORE

How To Budget To Leave An Inheritance For Your ChildrenEvery week I read the Family Finance column in the Financial Post.  This week the married couple featured is trying to plan for their retirement and their number 1 goal is to leave their 2 children $200,000 each as an inheritance.  My retirement would be set if I could convince this lovely couple to adopt me…

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Money magazine asked readers of their June issue if they will spend more on vacations this year. The results:

29% will spend less this year
27% will spend a little more
25% will spend about the same as last year
19% will spend a lot more

My answer depends on how you define “this year”. If you literally mean the 2013 calendar year, then we will be spending a lot more versus 2012…

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Financial Carnival for Young Adults – Heat On!Once again here’s another carnival for you. Welcome to the Financial Carnival for Young Adults. Actually every finance blogger hosts blog carnivals as it is beneficial to the blogger as well as the readers. It is god for the blogger as, as a rule, the bloggers whose posts are selected for the carnival has to link back to the carnival…

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A lot of different “rules” are passed around regarding the size of a mortgage that a person or a family should take out in order to afford a home.
One common one I see and hear repeated is that you should never take out a mortgage that has a value of more than twice your annual income. From what I can tell from my research, this one originated in the book The Millionaire Next Door by Stanley and Danko…

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Rupee’s Free Fall

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Rupee’s Free FallSJR Primecorp Parkway Homes | Pre launch offer for limited period!!!

Once again rupee has lost its control and started falling against the dollar currency and other major currencies. This fall has started few years back, do you remember the rupee value against the dollar was trading around 35-40 in the years of 2005…

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Not Hired? Your Credit Report May Be to BlameAs if job seekers didn’t have enough to worry about — add credit reports to the list.”Employers’ use of credit checks during the hiring process is legal and fairly common,” The Wall Street Journal says.How common? About 47 percent of employers screen some candidates with a credit check, it says. Checks are most likely for senior executive positions, and obviously for those with financial responsibilities…

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