Will I Get Paid After An Accident At Work?

Will I Get Paid After An Accident At Work?

Workplace injury

If you fall and have an accident at work, then you should take the proper steps to make sure your incident is properly handled. It’s not a wise idea to assume that you’ll get paid solely because you had an accident at work.

It’s your responsibility to attend to the proper procedures for documenting the accident and seek treatment. It’s not enough to get hurt and then walk away and expect to get paid later on without having evidence for your claims. Be proactive about educating yourself regarding how you can protect yourself if you’re in this situation at your workplace.

Did You Report the Incident?

You should never expect to receive compensation just because you had an accident at work. It’s critical you take the time to report and document the incident with your employer and gather any witnesses. Give your supervisor a detailed account of what happened to you and where you’re feeling the most pain. Do this right away so the accident is fresh in your memory and you don’t leave out any important details.

Are You Injured?

Whether you get paid or not after having an accident at work will depend upon your specific injuries, if any. It’s a wise idea to see a doctor regardless of what happened so they can check you out completely and treat any immediate aches and pains. You may also want to schedule a follow-up appointment in case you start to experience any discomfort as time goes on. Once again, give a written report to your employer about any injuries you’ve experienced and let them know that you’ve seen a doctor and what treatment you received.

Did You Secure Legal Representative?

If you want to have any chance of getting paid after an accident at work, then it’s highly recommended you seek out and secure legal representation. For example, The Compensation Experts deal with these kinds of claims all the time and are knowledgeable in this area, so they’ll be able to help you. Your first step is to determine if you have grounds for filing a personal injury compensation claim. If so, then you can proceed from there.

Are You Able to Work?

If and how much you get paid could depend upon how bad your injuries are from your workplace accident. It may be that you’re unable to work because of it and will be out of the office for a while as you heal. Speak with your lawyer to find out if you fall under the disability act and can collect income due to your injuries during the time you’re recovering. It’s not worth pushing yourself and being uncomfortable at work if you are hurt and need further medical attention.


These are some questions you should ask yourself if you’re in an accident at work. Make sure you report and document what happened in detail and attend to any injuries immediately. Work with a lawyer to help you sort through the logistics and next steps to see if you’re eligible for money or benefits.