Why Your Business Needs General Liability Insurance

Why Your Business Needs General Liability Insurance

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General Liability Insurance gives your business coverage for many things including property damage and bodily injury. Although owning and operating your own business requires a substantial amount of responsibility and accountability on its own, getting protection from General liability insurance will ensure that even if something were to happen, your business would be safe. Liability insurance in general provides your business protection in the case of a personal injury, lawsuit, or property damage. It will cover the expenses of a lawsuit as well as the legal costs. Here are five reasons why you need General Liability Insurance.

If Clients or Customers Visit Your Workplace

If your business involves clients or customers going to your work place, you are automatically at risk for someone getting injured or damaged property, no matter how safe you think your workplace is. People can slip and fall anywhere, and if it happens to be at your workplace, you could be in trouble without General liability insurance, as you would be responsible for the lawyer’s fees and medical bills.

If You Have Employees Located Outside the Work Place

If you require that your employees be set up at a third party location, your business is liable for the work that they do and their actions taken. Work done outside of your businesses’ property needs to be insured just as much as on-property. If damage or injury were to occur you would be just a liable for the legal expenses and medical bills, and without general liability insurance it would come entirely out of pocket. However, with general liability insurance your business will be covered to wherever you’ve extended your work to. For example, if your business is plumbing, and one of your employees slips and falls at a client’s house while working on their pipes, general liability insurance will cover their medical costs.

If You Have Access to Your Clients’ Equipment

Many businesses are in the care, custody or control of their client’s equipment.  If your business is one of them, general liability insurance will protect your client’s property from storm damage, fire or theft. The same goes for if you work with a company’s network, systems integration or server. General liability insurance will cover any computer equipment from power failures, damage or computer viruses.

 If You Speak or Write About Your Client’s Business

 If it is your occupation to speak or write about a client’s business, you are liable for offending a consumer or competitor. You may be sued for slander, infringement on a copyright or libel, and so it is important to take out a general liability policy specifically designed for advertising injury, which will cover any legal costs.

If Your Business Markets Itself In Anyway

If your business is advertised or marketed in anyway you are at risk to be sued for advertising injury as well. It can be difficult to keep track of what is copyrighted and what is not, and so with public liability insurance by constructaquote you can ensure that you will be covered in the case that your businesses’ advertising strategy infringes on another’s copyright.