Why most dividend investors never succeed + MORE

Why most dividend investors never succeed + MORE

Long Facebook ($FB) & Short Blue Nile ($NILE)

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Long Facebook ($FB) & Short Blue Nile ($NILE)Today I’ll start off by closing 2 stock picks, one is a loser and the other is a big time winner. I’m a big believer in Apple (AAPL) as many of you know so closing a losing trade on that name isn’t much fun. It’s not terribly surprising though when you look at Apple’s stock…

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Why most dividend investors never succeed

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Many investors believe that once they find the perfect dividend stock, they can just buy it, and kick back and collect the dividends for eternity. Unfortunately, even if you identified the perfect dividend growth stock, you can still lose money. This is because identifying and selecting an amazing stock, with amazing prospects, and attractive valuation is just part of the formula for investment…

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9 High-Yielding Utilities With A Growing DividendsLong considered the domain of “widows and orphans”, utilities have developed a somewhat stodgy reputation. Why are utilities considered good for widows and orphans?

Here a few reasons: 1. They are generally less volatile than the market as a whole (low beta). 2. Their products are something that people continue to need and use no matter what the economy is doing, thus, 3…

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Visit StreetInsider.com at http://www.streetinsider.com/Dividends/Molex%2C+Inc.+%28MOLX%29+Declares+%240.24+Quarterly+Dividend%3B+3.2%25+Yield/8466182.html for the full story.

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In the latest look at stocks ordered by largest market capitalization, Russell 3000 component Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. (NASD: BRCD) was identified as having a larger market cap than the smaller end of the S&P 500, for example United States Steel Corp. (NYSE: X), according to The Online Investor…

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Warren Buffett, one of the wealthiest men in the world, does not pay shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE:BRKA) a dividend. However, he has provided insightful views on the subject over the years. Buffett believes management should think long and hard about when to retain earnings and when to distribute them to shareholders…

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Freedom Fund Update – July 2013

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Freedom Fund Update - July 2013

Well, the time has come to update the Freedom Fund

once again as we start another month. The Freedom Fund is my
portfolio, and I think it’s aptly named. My portfolio is my
way to freedom; freedom from a job I don’t desire to
purchase goods I don’t need to impress neighbors I don’t care about…

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