Why Most Blogs Flop And Why That Shouldn’t Discourage You From Trying + MORE

Why Most Blogs Flop And Why That Shouldn’t Discourage You From Trying + MORE

3 Effective Networking Tips for BloggersHow do you network effectively? This post will show you how to get started.
These days when you see the word networking, you undoubtedly subconsciously add the word “social” in front of it and start thinking of your next Facebook post or looking for tips on how to build your Twitter follower-ship…

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An Offer that isn’t too Good to be True
Recently, Darren shared an amazing bundle of blogger training available for just 72 hours.
As someone who is very selective about what training and personal development I participate in I wanted to put my own perspective forward as to why I think is something very much worth considering.
Blogging is hard
It takes effort, commitment and determination…

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Five Rookie Mistakes Killing Your Blog’s Security
It doesn’t matter if you write about Teletubbies, or are even relatively unknown. Hackers will go after anyone, often injecting malware or adding links to suspicious websites. This can put a sour taste in reader’s mouths, making them wary of visiting your blog again. While WordPress has gotten better over the years, and blog security has improved, there are still multiple factors that make your site an easy target, mistakes that can easily be avoided…
Not Updating WordPress Regularly
WordPress receives fairly consistent updates, and most updates contain important security improvements…

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What is it about blogging and writing that makes people think they know how to do it?

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