Why ePlus inc's Earnings May Not Be So Hot + MORE

Why ePlus inc's Earnings May Not Be So Hot + MORE

SEC Wants to Hear 'We Were Wrong' in Future SettlementsFiled under: JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, SEC, Scandals and Lawsuits, InvestingChip Somodevilla/Getty ImagesSecurities and Exchange Commission Chairman Mary Jo White

WASHINGTON — The chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission says the agency will start requiring companies and individuals to admit wrongdoing in some big settlements…

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Tellabs Inc.signed a deal with WESCO International Inc. to supply Tellabs’ Optical LAN solution through its business arm, Communications Supply Corporation.    

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June 18 (Bloomberg) — Kathy Boyle, founder and president
of Chapin Hill Advisors Inc., discusses her use of some
exchange-traded products to protect against market declines.
Bloomberg Radio’s Catherine Cowdery reports on Exchange Traded

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I’m a little confused. If no one is working, how does money get into a flex spending account?

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Should You Buy The Market's Most Controversial Stock?There is nothing more frustrating than finding a seemingly attractive young company, only to discover that its shares have already risen 800% in the past seven months. Then again, seeing that stock subsequently lose half its value in a matter of weeks suggests that perhaps you didn't miss out on "the next Microsoft" after all…

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By SA Editor Miriam Metzinger: Stocks discussed on the Lightning Round segment of Jim Cramer’s Mad Money Program, Tuesday June 18.Bullish Calls:
Applied Materials (AMAT): “We have been buying the heck out of that (for the charitable trust). They should split that company in two. They have a solar division and a semiconductor equipment division…

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How to Play the Fed’s New “Tapering” Policy

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It’s amazing just how often – and how effectively – the media and its various talking heads get investors to take their eye off the ball. (In case you don’t play golf or baseball, taking your eye off the ball causes anything from a shank to a whiff.)
Right now, for instance, the topic du jour is “When will the Fed begin ‘tapering’ its bond-buying program and how should I play it?”
It’s a big, fat softball of a question for stock market “analysts” who like to show off how much they know while simultaneously revealing that they don’t have a clue what successful investing is really about…

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All cash flow is not created equal.    

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Microsoft Messes Up on Mobile — AGAIN

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Microsoft (MSFT) continues its evolution in a post-PC age. But if the recent mobile strategy for MS Office is any indication, it will continue to lag woefully behind.
The news last week was that a pared-down version of flagship Office software from Microsoft has hit the Apple (AAPL) iPhone. On the surface, it’s an admission from Steve Ballmer & Co…

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