Why e-Commerce is Better

Why e-Commerce is Better

Before knowing whether e-commerce is better or not, let us understand what e-commerce is all about.

E-commerce or electronic commerce relates to the business deals and transactions or exchange of services and funds that take place over an electronic network, most preferably internet. These occur between two businesses or a business and a consumer or two consumers. The terms e-commerce and e- business are one and the same.

Now why is it better?

  1. Available 24×7

Since it works over internet, therefore there are no offs, no breaks, no leaves, no closing. You can make your deal or buy a commodity at even three in the night. Emergencies can be easily dealt with. It is convenient.

  1. International reach

Sitting on the chair of your office you can make muti-million dollar international deals, just a click away. Such is the power of internet! The goods /services are accessible by the whole world. E-commerce makes international reach easy. It is easy for both the consumer and the provider to reach to each other. Companies can also cater to a large audience and at the same time people too have an increased choice.

  1. Wider market

A shop down the lane vs an online portal of a similar shop, obviously the website on the internet will garner more customers, because it is easy to do. Moreover it is cheaper and easy to advertise online, so the reach automatically increases.

  1. Cheaper

Making transactions over the net saves the cost of setting up of an office or a shop and maintaining it. All that needs to be done is to maintain the webpage and constantly update it. So much is saved on rents, bills and maintenance. This ultimately results in lowered cost of the good or service which again will attract more customers. It is a win-win situation for both parties.

  1. Faster

Shopping is such a time consuming task. And going up and down each shop to get the best bargain is so tedious. E-shopping saves you all this time. On it you can easily browse specifically according to your requirements and find the cheapest one easily and quickly too. Just consider how shopping at eBay and Amazon have saved you time in the past.

  1. Convenient

Convenience is the major attraction of e-commerce. It is so convenient for people of old age. So apt for surprising someone with a gift at their doorstep. Just search, select, pay and the service will come to your door step. Can make someone pretty lazy though! It is easy for the service providers too. Imagine a time when each product had to be explained in detail to every new customer. It must get so boring and mundane. But now they just have to describe the features and properties of a commodity or service once and everybody can access it. It is as simple as that.

E-commerce is catching up these days. Sure, it has its shortcomings but its advantages overshadow it all. Almost every service is available on the internet. That day is not far away when everything will to such online platforms.