Why Brands Must Put The ‘Social’ In Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC] + MORE

Why Brands Must Put The ‘Social’ In Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC] + MORE

Ifeelgoods enters Facebook PMD program with specialty in digital rewards appsDigital promotions platform Ifeelgoods today announced that it has been named a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer with an Apps badge.
The company offers customizable white-labeled Facebook apps that deliver digital rewards to customers. For example, a retailer could incentivize people to make a large purchase by giving them a $10 iTunes gift card in return…

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Facebook brings post insights back to Pages Manager app after temporary removalA recent update to Pages Manager for iOS has returned detailed post insights to the product after a version earlier this month was released without them.
Facebook released version 2.0 of its Pages Manager app for iOS in early May to make the app faster and include new features like photo filters. However, it did not include the same level of per-post analytics as previous versions…

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Marketing Reboot? Are You Ready to Change?

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Is your business ready to face the technological and sociological changes that are happening right now? To learn why you need to consider rebooting the way you market in this rapidly changing world, I interview Mitch Joel for this episode of the Social Media Marketing podcast. More About This Show The Social Media Marketing podcast is a […

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Guest Post: Advertisers Likely to Flock to Facebook’s New Self-Serve Targeting FeatureThis is a guest post by Resolution Media Director of Client Strategy and Development George Manas.
Marketers seeking better ways to reduce waste, influence buying behavior and strengthen brand equity are likely to embrace Facebook Partner Categories. Launched on April 10, this new self-service capability puts a rich array of data-driven targeting segments at advertisers’ fingertips, helping increase the precision, relevance and effectiveness of their Facebook campaigns…

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Advertisers can now target Facebook ads by recency of activityFacebook has created a new way for businesses and developers to target ads to users who have taken an action on Facebook or in an app within a more specific time range.
Using the “action spec” targeting capability, which allows advertisers to reach users by the actions they take in Open Graph apps and on Facebook directly, an advertiser could designate a time range shorter than 14 days…

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Nextdoor releases mobile app to strengthen communities using smartphones

July 9-10, 2013
San Francisco, CA

Early Bird Tickets on Sale
Nextdoor is going mobile. Today, the ‘private social network for neighborhoods’ released an iOS application so people can be connected to what’s going on in their community anytime, anywhere…

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3 hot deals to redeem right now on TNW Market

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3 hot deals to redeem right now on TNW MarketTNW Market is a way for you, our beloved readers, to claim money-saving deals on things you’ll really want.
We thought it would be worthwhile highlighting three of the hottest deals on the Market right now. Don’t forget to check out all the deals available right now by browsing the full market listings…

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Why Brands Must Put The ‘Social’ In Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]Social media is all about engagement.
Right? How many times have you heard that. Engage, engage, engage. So why are so many brands so bad at it?
New Career Opportunities Daily: The best jobs in media.

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Google is the latest suitor to be reportedly circling around social sat-nav smartphone app Waze. Bloomberg reports ‘people familiar with the matter’ who say Mountain View is considering an acquisition, and that Waze is “fielding expressions of interest from multiple parties and is seeking more than $1 billion”…

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Does Google+ Drive More Sales Than Facebook? [Infographic]
Google+ has received its share of criticisms over the years, but new data shows that referrals from the social platform might be more valuable to merchants than those from Twitter or Facebook.
The social commerce platform Addshoppers.com analyzed $5 million worth of e-commerce transactions influenced by social sharing from thousands of retailers…

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Forget Twitter: Puma Campaign Wants You to Communicate via DanceAmong today’s modes of online communication, we’re well-versed in the use of text, images and video. But what about dance?
In a campaign for its new Sync fragrances, Puma is proposing a new form of digital expression through movement rather than words. The sportswear brand has set up an interactive platform dubbed Dance Dictionary, where users can communicate with each other by encrypting specific sentences into physical dance moves…

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Social Media Newsfeed: Foursquare Data | Twitter TV Targeting Click here to receive the Morning Social Media Newsfeed via email.
Foursquare Licenses Trickling Firehose of Check-in Data to Gnip (SocialTimes)
Foursquare has tapped the social data reseller Gnip to be the exclusive distributor of its check-in data, the companies said on Thursday. Each time a Foursquare user checks in, Gnip will see the name of the venue the time of day and the gender of the user…

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