Which College Majors Are the Most Valuable?

Expensive EducationA college education is necessary in today’s competitive job market to secure a career in most industries, but rising tuition rates and the burden of student loan debt are leading many students to think carefully about their major choices in academia. In a very real sense, some majors are more valuable than others. One degree may not have the marketability of another, leading to a difficult life in the post graduate world. Other majors, however, statistically offer great career options and potential payoffs to hard-working students.

– Biomedical Engineering

The world of medicine has long been attractive to ambitious students who seek fulfilling and lucrative careers. In today’s world, biomedical engineering has become one of the most promising college majors of all. Starting salaries for graduates in this industry hover around the $50,000 mark, often doubling into six-figure salaries after several years. This industry is also rapidly growing, which means a more friendly job market that needs smart and hard-working professionals. As far as return on investment for a college education, biomedical engineering is one of the most promising majors.

– Environmental Engineering

As the world begins to move toward alternative energy sources and more sustainable practices across all energy sources, we will need people at the head of this movement to shape our future. Environmental engineering is an exciting and rapidly growing industry with a promising future. Professionals in this field earn highly competitive salaries and have the luxury of a growing job market. Thousands of new jobs have been created in the green sector over the past several years, and environmental engineers are in high demand.

– Computer Science

Today’s world runs on computers. As technology grows and changes rapidly, businesses everywhere constantly need fresh and innovative minds to develop, implement and maintain these new technologies. Students who specialize in computer information science (CIS) during their college years may go into fields such as software engineering, IT management, web development, or even artificial intelligence. You can get CIS major information here, and be on your way to one of the many career options available to those who know the languages and inner workings of computers. These people are also usually paid well for their specialized knowledge.

– Applied Mathematics

Very few people in the world bother to study math beyond intermediate algebra, but those who have heads for numbers can find a valuable college major in applied mathematics. Complex math, and statistics in particular, are very valuable in the business world. Companies all over the world process huge amounts of data on both their customers and their internal workings, and mathematicians are needed to manage this work. Math is also a key factor in most scientific pursuits, so the benefits of a background in math extend from actuarial career opportunities to revolutionary research possibilities.

These are all valuable majors based on their potential payoffs given the educational investments they require. An online MSW degree may well land a satisfying career in an exciting industry, but these are the majors that experts believe to be the most promising. Of course, these are not easy paths. College programs such as these are more difficult than any other, and they are often designed to weed out all but the best and brightest. Make sure that you’re ready to work hard and overcome numerous challenges when you start on these paths. After all, nothing great comes easily.