Where Cities Are Practically Giving Away Abandoned Homes + MORE

Where Cities Are Practically Giving Away Abandoned Homes + MORE

May Apartment Update

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The May results for the Houston apartment complex are in and the good performance of April has continued through May. Occupancy remained at 94%. Positive cash flow was $8,700, a noticeable improvement over April’s $7,500 (which was pretty good itself). There are still some legal issues with some vendors that are increasing the administrative expenses for the month and, once again, management says these are at reduced levels compared to the past and they should be decreasing…

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Filed under: News, Buying, Foreclosures, InvestingAndrea Salcedo was displaced to Long Island by Hurricane Sandy, but prefers to live in Binghamton, N.Y., near her family. Salcedo’s dream of getting a home there came closer to a reality when she was selected as one of eight winners in a city redevelopment project…

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Meet the Real Estate Tech Entrepreneur: Nav AthwalIn our latest Meet the Real Estate Tech Entrepreneur interview, we’re speaking with Nav Athwal of RealtyShares.
Here’s a bit more about him, from his own mouth…
1) What do you do?
RealtyShares is Crowdfunding for Real Estate. Through our online investment platform, we provide investors access to pre-vetted real estate investment properties or loans secured by real estate and the ability to invest as little as $5,000 directly into these investments…

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Princess Peach’s Castle For Sale
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Dear Mario: Please come to the castle. I’ve baked a cake for you.
Yours truly,
Princess Toadstool, Peach.
And so begins the adventure that is “Super Mario 64”. But as any good Nintendo Nerd knows, Mario’s trip to the castle isn’t exactly “peachy” from thereon. When he arrives at Peach’s palace, he learns from a tearful Toad that Peach has been captured by Bowser and that the castle has been taken over by his terrifying minions! (And they are terrifying—in one case Mario must face a giant penguin and even a small bunny named MIPS…

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BP Podcast 025: Four Newbies and Their Very First Real Estate Success Stories
On today’s episode of the BiggerPockets Podcast – we’re going to change things up. You see, all of our interviews thus far have been with real estate investing professionals, who are absolutely crushing it in their real estate journey.
However, today, we want to sit down with some investors who are just starting out and can tell us their stories of how they achieved their first real estate deal…

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House #40: Final Analysis

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House #40:  Final AnalysisWe closed on the sale of The Power House last week…
We originally planned to hold this one as a long-term rental, and even had it up for rent for a while (and got LOTS of interest and applications), but as we were going through the process of pre-qualifying potential tenants, we realized how much we disliked the idea of rentals (as we seem to realize every time we buy a potential rental)…

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Memphis Property Management Company Updates 2013 Numbers

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Memphis Property Management Company Updates 2013 NumbersMemphis Property Management Company, Premier Property Management, Releases First Half of 2013 Numbers
With the first half of 2013 completed, Premier Property Mangement has grown into one of the largest rental property mangement companies in Memphis.  With more and more property mangement franchise companies popping up across the country, we thought it would be a good idea to begin documenting certain performance numbers…

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Octavia Spencer Buys Toluca Lake Home

Source: IMDb
Closing on a Toluca Lake house and making a red-carpet appearance for her latest film “Fruitvale Station,” Octavia Spencer’s keeping busy.
The Academy Award-winning actress just bought a 1,714-square-foot home for $841,500, according to property records. In the world of Los Angeles real estate, anything less than $1 million is typically not used as a celebrity’s primary residence…

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