What to Consider When You’re Thinking About Moving + MORE

What to Consider When You’re Thinking About Moving + MORE

How I lived in Boston on $1000 a Month

– studentdebtsurvivor.com

I graduated from college in 2005 with a degree in Political Science. A newly minted graduate, I was excited to enter the workforce and begin living like an “adult”. I knew I wanted to live and work in Boston, so shortly before I graduated I met with a realtor and signed a year lease on a cute little one-bedroom apartment…

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How To Stop Spending Money

– monsterpiggybank.com

How To Stop Spending MoneyNothing annoys me more than people who excessively waste money then cry poor. If you want to learn how to stop spending money then I have one very simple rule for you to follow. It isn’t hard, but if you have been frivolously spending money for years then it might be a little more difficult for you.

Drum roll…

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Flipping a House: Beware of Partners

– eyesonthedollar.com

Flipping a House: Beware of Partners
As you might recall, we are currently in the process of flipping a house. We partnered up with a property management/ remodeling company for this project. Basically, they brought us the deal. We are putting up the money, and they are responsible for taking care of repairs and remodeling the property…

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Want to Learn Online? Where to Find Over 18,755 CoursesThere is a lot of information out there.  I mean, A LOT.  Even before the Internet arose and allowed everyone to write their own blogs and other websites, helping to create massive amounts of information on a daily basis, there was still a simply incredible amount of data to be passed along from one generation to the next…

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Baseball game and $1,417 in Extra Income

– makingsenseofcents.com

Baseball game and $1,417 in Extra IncomeHey everyone! Happy Monday. I was able to get a decent amount of side hustle work done over the weekend, but it still went by way too quickly. I can’t believe that July is almost over also.
This will be a short week and I only work 3 days, WOOHOOO!
We were given free baseball tickets for yesterday’s Cardinals game and went to that with W’s boss…

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Encouragement – Spread It Around!I want to preface this with a warning that this might turn into a rant.  I just have to get this off my chest and I think it could end up sparking some change.  Let’s hope!
Those of us that are currently in debt or have been in debt before know one thing about the situation.  It sucks!  There is no other way to explain it…

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Why It’s Nice To Have Some Buffer RoomIt is nice to have buffer room in your budget or savings account. Sometimes things pop up or life gets busy. Other times there are special or once in a lifetime occasions. There could even be a one time sale that is too good to pass up. If you don’t have that buffer, things probably won’t go over very smoothly…

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What to Consider When You’re Thinking About Moving 
Moving is a big deal.  It requires a lot of planning ahead and packing.  Then you actually have to get through the actual move which is always pretty painful.  If you’re moving across country it’s an even bigger deal and requires a bit more detailed planning.  A cross city move isn’t nearly as tough…

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How to Choose the Best Life Insurance Company
Not sure if it’s an ego thing (I’m sure why wife would say “yes”), but I like to have the best of the best. I don’t want a good steak, I want the “best” steak when I go out to eat. When I go the movies, I don’t want to see a good movie. Screw that! I want to see the “best’ movie…

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Does your personality match your portfolio?
Good morning Dinks. So often our personality controls everything about our lives and sometimes we don’t even know it.  If we have a controlling personality we most likely have other aspects of our life under control.  If we like to be in control our finances are probably very in order and our spending is probably very limited…

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How to Sell Your Stuff Online

– clubthrifty.com

How to Sell Your Stuff OnlineHow to Sell Your Stuff Online
Club Thrifty – Stop spending. Start living.About the Author: Bobby is the co-founder of Making Money Fast and Slow, a blog aimed at helping young adults with personal finance and investing. He is a recent graduate of Virginia Tech.
When I graduated from college, I had a lot of stuff that I either didn’t need anymore or couldn’t fit in my new apartment – stuff like textbooks, furniture, and kitchenware, among other things…

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Review:  Month One Using A Cheap Wireless Plan Through Walmart Family Mobile
I walked onto the baseball field and squatted behind home plate to warm up my son who was pitching. It was the last game of the end of the season tournament, and my eyes watered as he hurled the first pitch at me.  Next year he will be trying out for the high school team. Is he good enough to be a pitcher at the high school level? Will he even make the team?  These are questions I cannot answer, and I couldn’t help but wonder if this is the last time I would watch my son wind up on a pitcher’s mound…

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After you read today’s post, please head on over to the Tour de Personal Finance  at My Personal Finance Journey and vote for “Time”. I am in the FINAL, so every vote is appreciated! Now on to the post…
The following is a guest post from my good friend Laurie at The Frugal Farmer. If you’re interested in submitting a guest post, please consult the guest posting guidelines and contact me…

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It goes without saying that to protect yourself and your boat from mishaps that are uncalled for, you need to get your boat insured. The cost of each vessel varies greatly. Sometimes, you may have to spend merely a few hundred dollars to get the boat of your dreams while at other times; you may … Continue Reading »

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Teva (TEVA) Dividend Stock Analysis
Teva (Teva) is and Isreal based pharmaceutical manufacturer.  It is the largest generic drug company in the world.  In addition to generic drugs, Teva produces several brand name drugs including Copaxone (for multiple sclerosis) and Agilect/Azilect (for Parkinson’s disease).  Generic drugs accounted for about 51% of total sales in 2012, branded drugs for 40%, and OTC medications and other revenues for 9%…

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We’re trying to have a frugal move, and as such we’re trying to find as many moving supplies as we can for free. So where can you find free moving supplies?

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